Fans Rally to Save City of Heroes

Posted Thu, Sep 06, 2012 by Martuk

NCsoft's announcement that they would be shutting down both City of Heroes and Paragon Studios last week came as a shock to many people. But fans of the superhero-based MMOG aren't ready to throw in the towel just yet. In an effort to save the game, fans have rallied together to try and persuade NCsoft to have a change of heart or explore other options to allow City of Heroes to continue, including the possible sale of the title to another developer.

Fans have started a petition that has already garnered more than 12,000 signatures and laid out a series of planned events and activities both in-game and out aimed at showing their support for Paragon Studios and the continuation of City of Heroes. Players can join the upcoming "Unity Rally" event on Virtue server Saturday, September 8th at 5:00pm ET and dress up as their favorite Paragon Studios staff member. Additionally, you can sign the petition to show your support and visit the Save Paragon City forums.

Last year fans of Star Wars Galaxies made a similar attempt without much success. With any luck, the City of Heroes fans will have better luck.

Gamers Rally to Save City of Heroes

What happens when a virtual world is condemned to oblivion?  Dedicated players of the online game City of Heroes struggle for the very survival of their city.

Mountain View CA, September 6, 2012:  The online heroes of Paragon City are currently in an epic battle.  Not against the forces of crime and evil that they have been facing for eight years, but against the decision of a company that is preparing to turn off the game servers and end a game that has been running since April 2004.

NCsoft, the publisher of City of Heroes, announced last Friday that it is shutting down Paragon Studios, the game development studio responsible for City of Heroes.  Operation of the flagship will cease by November 30 due to a realignment of NCsoft’s focus.

To its community, City of Heroes is more than just a game, it is a vibrant, welcoming community.  City of Heroes was the first online role-playing game for many gamers, and introduced them to the wonders of flying through the skies and battling epic menaces with friends.  City of Heroes has brought together families, offered comfort during troubling times, and inspired charities that have raised nearly $30,000 for children, members of the armed forces, and to fight hunger.

The City of Heroes community quickly rallied and formed a campaign to save the game from virtual extinction.  “We’ve been saving Paragon City for eight and a half years.  It’s time to do it one more time,” said Tony Vasquez administrator of the Titan Network, an alliance of City of Heroes fan sites (, and one of the organizers of the Save Paragon City! campaign.

Through social media outlets, fan web sites, and the City of Heroes official game forums, players have been organizing projects and events to convince NCsoft to allow the game to continue, exploring options including selling the game to another game publishing company or development studio. The “Keep NCsoft from shutting down City of Heroes!” petition initiated by a community member has gathered over 12,600 signatures and continues to grow.  ( In addition, players have begun a letter writing campaign to NCsoft to demonstrate the reach of their numbers and convey the impact City of Heroes has had on their lives.

City of Heroes players have a non-stop schedule of activities to show their support. Saturday, September 8th, players are organizing an in-game “Unity Rally” and Paragon Appreciation costume contest in which players will dress up as their favorite Paragon Studios staff member ( This event will take place on the Virtue server starting at 5:00pm EDT.  Organizers expect that this could be the biggest costume contest in online gaming history.  Other ongoing projects beginning this week include a crowd funding drive in which the community has pledged to financially assist acquiring the game from NCsoft and partnership discussions with industry leaders regarding acquisition of the City of Heroes game property.

I really don't see how players are going to save the game. Nothing short of getting the server code, and hosting a CoX server yourself, is going to keep this game on line and playable.

Actually, that IS one of the plans. We've got enough dedicated players to bring that kind of money togther: the only reason wer're not doing it yet is a lack of certain details and information, i.e. what NCSoft will sell for.

"We've got enough dedicated players to bring that kind of money togther"

I smell a Kickstarter campaign in the works!

I love the concept of a Kickstarter campaign - I'd donate money to it.

Ten Ton Hammer, thank you for running this story. We pretend to be comic book heroes for fun; what sort of hero cuts and runs just because the situation is bleak? That's when it's time to fight the hardest.

This is our game, too. Our community, our friends, our stories. We're not just going to let those things come to an end. We're not giving up, and we're not going down without a fight.

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You can't believe City of Heroes is dead knowing that the game *was* profitable, and if it must come to this, the players *wish* to pay more ! What is NCSoft thinking ? Either they push the date back, concede only the license and data, or agree to sell the game, but there *must* be an option.

Never Retreat, Never Surrender ! We Hold The Line !

Thank you for you attention !

You can't believe City of Heroes is dead knowing that the game *was* profitable (if not much), and if it must come to this, the players *wish* to pay more ! What is NCSoft thinking ? Either they push the date back, concede only the license and data, or agree to sell the game, but there *must* be an option.

Never Retreat, Never Surrender ! We Hold The Line !

Thank you for running this story and bringing some more attention to our cause! The petition had over 13,600 signatories at this time, and is continuing to rise. CoH was neither my first nor last MMO, but it's certainly the one I feel most passionate about, and true to our digital alter-egos, we'll fight tooth-and-nail to save our City.

(sorry for double post, delete the first one)

NCSoft has already disbanded Paragon Studios, there's nothing more that can be done.

It's dead. Just move past and heal already.

I'm sorry, but it's not 'dead' yet, and even though NCSoft may have 'disbanded' Paragon Studios, that doesn't mean that they don't feel the same about wanting to save the game as much as the players, as of a couple days ago, AFTER the layoffs, they were still in talks with NCSoft. We will not 'move on' while there is still any chance that the game can be saved.

Thanks for posting this story! Sharing it with friends as we speak.

Great to see this coverage about a great game, development studio and player-base community!
There's no way this product (and community) should be shut down and completely removed. It's remained profitable, popular and has continued to receive awards and praise within the industry. Two other super hero MMOs have been released, with far more modern tech, and failed to top it. It has continued to be one of the only options left for the MMO fans who do not enjoy WoW and the multitude of WoW clones. It absolutely has its legitimate place within this industry and it'd be a crime to wipe it from existence.

Heroes fight till the end.

It's what they do.

Even when others tell them it's hopeless.

Thank you very much for your excellent coverage of the attempt to save City of Heroes. We've saved the world thousands of times over the years, this time it's for all the marbles. Heroes can do no less than to try.

Great Coverage! I hope the reporters at Ten Ton will continue to follow and update this story. As others before me have stated: True Heroes DO NOT give up! It does not matter whether they are imaginary or RL. I was never so proud of this community then the moment when we all stood up and said "Hell NO! We won't go!"
It's sad when a corporation axes an division that has consistently produced a net profit (regardless of how small it is) in an effort to save it's stakeholders bottom line. It's even more sad when it results in the the lose of jobs and income for said corporation.

As a ex- SWG player i feel this people pain. We lost 8 years of work. Fight dudes, never surrender.

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