SOE Responds to Save Star Wars Galaxies Petitions

Posted Wed, Jun 29, 2011 by Martuk

After the announcement that Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) would be shut down in December, a few loyal fans took to action and created petitions to try and save the game. One petition to save SWG has already gained over 2600 signatures, but unfortunately, the efforts of these loyal fans appears to have been in vain.

SOE Director of Communication Linda "Brasse" Carlson has posted an official response to the petition to save the game on the SWG forums. In short, the decision has been made. But SOE hopes that players will take the time to continue to enjoy the game in its final months.

Regarding the Star Wars Galaxies petitions, we first want to thank everyone for taking the time to organize such an effort. As always, we appreciate your feedback, and I can assure you with 100% confidence that your feelings have been heard.

No one is more disappointed than we are to cancel Star Wars Galaxies; however, we are confident that this was the only decision possible. This was not an easy decision to make; Sony Online Entertainment and Lucas Arts spent months deliberating, and in the end we had to make the hard choice. We are extremely proud of the ground we broke with the launch of SWG, its growth and evolution since launch, and most especially, the community.

We would ask you take this opportunity to enjoy SWG as long as possible and participate in the game ending event this December.  Thank you again for your dedication to Star Wars Galaxies and we hope your final memories are enjoyable.

May the force always be with you.

Linda "Brasse" Carlson
Director, Global Community Relations

It’s very disheartening to see another MMOG community be displaced by a cancelled game, but we do wish all the players of SWG the best in their future endeavors to find a new gaming community.

Source: SWG Forums

They are shutting it down because SW:TOR comes out in December as well.

SOE: ok guys were losing members what do we go?
SOE employe: SHut it down!
SOE: lets do it
you people dont care....

I've been testing the old republic beta and i have to say galaxies should not go. think about it lucas art. the old republic is a different era, There is the star wars as know in the original movies and the star wars from KOTOR thousands of years apart. also DC universe online just made free to play star wars galaxies can promote free to play around the release of the old republic. the game still looks good. in fact its a living art. if the problem was not enough players look at DC universe and how they boomed with new subscribers after they went free to play. dont shut down the 12 servers left use them. galaxies is still fun and there are thousands of subscribers. try updating galaxies instead and make it a side promotion with the old republic. people are gonna love both dont worry. An update with something like a FPS arena kinda like battlefront only with Galaxies could be added for example and it can be a side game like Black OPS had zombies. switch it to browser based UI like Battlefield and you get money from website traffic. SEO can still make it profitable its not that tough besides they have already made a huge subscribers list, they just need to add to it things that dont suck and they will get more people to play. common since. Galaxies will attract new players. the old republic does not need to worry it will also be played. besides new doesn't always mean better i still think San Andreas and Vice City are way better than the new GTA games. MW2 Graphics are better than the newer ones. I know if Galaxies was free to play id for sure play it i waited years to play it. I bought the game and when i went to play it my computer wasn't good enough then i finally got a computer that was good enough after 3 years of waiting and it was awesome. in-fact with KOTOR Mass Effect Metal Gear all of them San Andreas, Gran Trismo, and Galaxies, Galaxies was on the top because i genuinely had fun even though i only got to play with in 14 days. Dont let it go just work on in. there are so so many fans. besides if Chuck Norris Likes WOW then Bruce Lee Would be on the galaxies side and we all know how there fight went in the movie. allot of that may be my opinion and not factual but thats why others input is there. Personally i think Galaxies Still has huge life potential meaning its far from dead if they actually tried with it.


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