Use The Force!

I have noticed that in these past few months, Star Wars Galaxies has had quite
a few reviews, updates and critics pick on it.

Here's another editorial reported by

Worthplaying has posted an editorial on the recent New Game Experience for
Star Wars Galaxies.

One of the most recent acronyms to enrage the MMO population is NGE –
The New Game Experience released for the ever-burdened Star Wars Galaxies
(SWG). The NGE is not a patch or a rebuild of some faltering game mechanics.
It represents a complete replacement of the core of the game; an entirely
new game poured over an existing universe. The NGE has been out for several
weeks now, and having had the opportunity to play through the 10 day trial,
I thought I would add my take on it to the ever growing body of work on the
subject (it was even covered in the New York Times).

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016