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I solved an incredibly obscure problem that was keeping me from giving the latest EverQuest 2 expansion a go. I hadn't logged into EQ2 in well over year. I had heard the rumblings that the game was a "completely different game" than what I had experienced, but I didn't really believe it to be true. I mean, how different could it be?

The answer, very different. I fired up a Gnome in Kelethin to see the latest expansion first-hand and I was impressed! I've only put a few hours into it, but so far I have been entertained and enjoyed every minute of play. Well, there was this one minute, when I went into a cave and the textures didn't load, leaving me in a matrix-like world where little goblin folk floated in the blackness awaiting my wrath. It was a lot like the dreams I have every night or the places that that voices in my head describe to me. Surreal! I did the same thing I do with the voices, I logged out and back in. That fixed it straight up.

It's too bad that Everquest 2 didn't come out of the gate resembling what I've seen so far in the expansion. It may have given World of Warcraft a run.

Have you tried EverQuest 2 recently? What is your opinion of it? Do tell, either in the comments section of the blog or in our forums!

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