Patch 6.1 is hype and I'm super excited. I don't know what got into Blizzard, but they're knocking it out of the ballpark. All through both Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria I was giving up hope that Blizzard had any relation to their community, but recently it seems that they've started actually caring a little bit more than previously thought and are now implementing patches that, I dare say, please me. 

It's hard to please me. I'm bitter and I've been playing MMOs for most of my life, roughly let's just say 15 years or so. MMOs are my lifeblood and I'm one of the first to snub my nose at a lot of things, just because I've been there and done that. My taste in MMOs is different than a lot of my peers mind you, I want a Ragnarok Online remake more than anything, because that's my favorite MMO of all time, it and Earth and Beyond. 

Let's look at some things that Blizzard actually did right. First, they added a legendary follower that made sense: Garona. For those of you who aren't lore buffs, Garona is an odd character in that she's good and evil, something kinda rare in Warcraft lore. Usually, someone is either good and then becomes evil or is evil then becomes good. A few characters, like Sylvanas are goodish, but you know deep down inside she's evil, but she has motivation. Things for Garona are cloudy and it's good that we address that part of the lore - she was bred and controlled by Gul'dan and the Shadow Council and it's good that we'll "fix" the issues she faces. 

BTW She is the one who killed King Llane if you were curious. 

Some other cool things coming are a ton of Garrison updates. The ability to reroll followers, summoning bosses in your garrison, etc. is all neat features and it's great to see some real commitment to a feature the community loves. Previously there have been some things (cough pet battles) that Blizzard sort of dances around updating or adding something to it, but they've got a laundry list full of updates for garrisons. 

Speaking of battle pets, the ultimate battle pet stone seems like a huge win to me. There is a lot of times you want a pet to get to level 25, but leveling it can be tedious. It's nice there is some kind of option for instant 25. Info isn't available on how it's obtained yet. 

Darkmoon Faire gets some polish with a new race it seems. Which is cool! Darkmoon Faire is awesome. 

I'm not going to touch on class changes, they will NOT be anything like that when the patch goes live. Worrying about class changes now is only relevant if you want to spam Blizzard to plz do not nerf or buff your class or some other class, which I'm sure trade chat et al. shall be on full alert to scrub over the notes and whine about every change. 

That's pretty much the big highlights, there is a lot of small stuff - new mounts, new pets, etc. That's all awesome and welcome. Anything that adds more content and more things to do or find into a game is really cool. 

Now on to the more sketchy stuff. Dataminers have found information about new Anti-Aliasing options (woot) and also on a new edition of WoW, Veteran Edition. I'll write up something separate about that, but it's obvious we're going to see a no-subscription free-to-pay boost for players who have purchased WoW but are not currently paying for it. This might be a great way for Blizzard to dip into the item shop profits without forcing someone to subscribe, but we'll see. 

Anyway, I'll keep everyone up to date on 6.1, but so far I'm pretty happy! Oh, for those lamenting the lack of a raid, the raid season is different than the content patches, and the raids will be switched on at a later time, just like at launch. So never fear, there will be raids to do and things to see. Oh and the patch notes are the first run, who knows what awaits us here soon. 

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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