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1. Daily Column

In my humble opinion game journalism and game public relations are like the church and state. They should remain separate for numerous reasons, most notably that there is a mountainous conflict of interest. If you are a company that writes evaluative articles about games then your company should not also be promoting games as part of its business model. Some companies are choosing to turn a blind eye to this obvious conflict of interest.

These two-faced entities form a second division with a different name, and pretend that nobody will notice. For the most part they are correct. The average gamer getting a press release in his e-mail doesn't know that PR company A is actually game review/news company B.

A company doing PR within the industry that is lives is literally defecating in its own bed. If they are providing the best PR to their clients then they shouldn't also be covering the competitors who are not clients. Telling Game A that you are working in their best interests while writing coverage and accepting ad money from their competitor is a problem that many developers would take issue with if they knew it was happening.

They certainly shouldn't be deciding where their clients' advertisement money goes, because sure as dogs bark none of it will arrive at sites that compete with the PR company's news/review outlet, even though that is exactly where the client would receive the best exposure.

These companies have created incestuous little circles where they take advertising dollars in from anyone, but only push out advertising dollars from their clients to site that don't compete with them or in more cases to their news/review sister company.

This would be fine and dandy if the public and more importantly the clients knew that it was happening. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

An equally seedy side of the industry involves publishers who will not advertise unless you write a review or coverage that they have the right to change. If you don't write what they want to see, the advertising dollars go elsewhere. I was shocked when a well known company came to us with this ultimatum. We of course declined, as we always do and literally 48 hours later the advertisements were running on three of our largest competitors. I'll go out on a limb and bet that they were given the same ultimatum that we were.

Game sites often complain about bloggers being unprofessional; about bloggers diluting the content that is available to readers with drivel. Well guess what? Bloggers may not be professionals, but with the exception of some very rare cases their opinions are honest.

Honest opinions and truthful reporting should be at the very least what a reader expects from a game network. If you don't have that then what do you have?

Editors don't like to write about this kind of thing because we have to interact with the culprits at every industry event. It's the MMOG dirt that gets swept under the rug to keep relations cordial.

Are you a developer or publisher that has to deal with this underhanded practice, or perhaps doesn't even know that you are being had?

Are you a gamer who has wondered why those reviews for Game A were so good?

I'd love to hear from you.

Comment in the blog (now with direct link goodness) or email me directly.

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