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I don't feel so bad about my comic ideas since only one of the thousands of you who read this blog yesterday submitted an idea. Keep it up and I'll be making fun of your weight again just to get some responses. That or delivering your e-mail address to Jack Thompson. Rise up! Click and be heard!

The big news in the MMOG community of late has been the South Park episode featuring World of Warcraft. People have been raving about how great a show it was, but quite frankly I was disappointed. As surprising as this may be given my low-brow humour, I don't watch South Park.

There is a ceiling on poop joke humour and South Park reached it about five-years ago. Nonetheless, the South Park guys managed to fit one into the WoW show. Cartman spurting diarrhea all over his mother was slipped into the show to show that gamers can't even get up to go to the bathroom. Ha! Hilarious! Did they write the show in 15 minutes like I do with this blog because shock factor aside, that wasn't funny.

With one exception the jokes and humour were just the same-old gamer stereotype humour that we have heard since games were created. Cripes, I'm sure cavemen playing Bronto-Monopoly told the same jokes.

"Meh, Gundor play Bronto-Mono so many time he get fat and no go out of cave. Ha! Ha! Ha!"

That's a real knee-slapper boys. Give us some original humour. Making fun of fat, pimple-faced, doritos eating gamers is too easy for a team that took on Tom Cruise and put him in a closet, literally.

Credit where credit is due, I laughed when one of the devs commented that the super character "had no life", only to have another dev say, "How do you kill that which has no life?" See, that's funny!

What was also a belly-buster was the outrage of the simpletons that this basic humour was directed at as they lashed out at the show because of inconsistencies between what was portrayed on television and what in actuality is possible in the game.

It's like they all put on cardboard placards and marched up to Comedy Central headquarters chanting, "We've dragged our obese, pimple covered buttocks here to prove that the South Park episode was right about us!" Of course, that would never happen since these are the same people who never leave their basements. Truly.

Your thoughts? Was the show just not funny or have I become so jaded that I just can't appreciate it anymore?

You can tell me in the new forums via this ready made thread or you can comment here. Either way, you will click "Submit" to me. (Pinky finger goes to mouth)

Post a comment at the bottom of this blog. If you are shy (or female and sending in naughty pictures) you can E-Mail me.

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