Hi there, I'm CEO Gamer and I'm here to give you an analysis of another game company's figures. There is this earning report I found on reddit and you won't believe what insight it's told me. First, the game company is not going to be releasing anymore games. That's obvious, if I was CEO of that company I would totally in every capacity hereby declare that all of the games the company is making I would throw out the window because they're not profitable. 

Then, they're going to shut down all of the games. Every one of them. All of them. Everything. Just shut down. Now, since I'm the CEO now, this is what's going to happen, all of my fanfiction is going to come true and they're finally going to bring Dragonball Z to World of Warcraft. Then, this is what's going to happen alright listen up: free games, 100% free, no cost, and we'll fund all of this from bake sales.

Earning calls/reports are hilarious troll fodder these days as players attempt to become the CEO and talk about how the sky is falling because this game isn't as profitable as this game, with the harsh reality being that players have NONE of the statistics the company has, NONE of the cost analysis for the production of the games, and NONE of the sales figures from overseas (usually). The SEC and NASDAQ require these earning reports to be sent out to investors, but don't require much more than what's the gross receipts, what's the gross expenses, and what's the net profit. 

The rest of it is various carefully massaged figures to make sure people continue to invest in the company and get excited for whatever the company is doing. The latest in the craze is the NCSoft earnings report, which has legions of players guessing what the future of Wildstar and other games are because they earn this compared to that. 

I looked at the figures and I can tell you that I'm not a CEO and that while Wildstar is a small chunk of the games, who knows what that means? Are they going to throw in the towel? Will it go free-to-play? Will they kickstart its success? I doubt very seriously that they're going to roll over and just let the game die, but they might! I'm not the CEO, I'm a writer who loves playing simulation games and MMOs, and my experience is that companies do what they do whenever they want. 

You don't know when, where, or how they plan to release the game, the business deals involving it, and what markets they're waiting on the red tape to be cut through in order to release the game elsewhere. That stuff is kept under lock and key and what is shared with us is designed to manipulate our opinions and try to make the community understand. 

As far as the NCSoft earnings report goes, WildStar isn't doing that great, but that should be enough encouragement for NCSoft to make it do good and if they don’t then oh well I guess it won't do good. I don't specifically care, any conjecture made on my part is that of some nerd sitting in his armchair trying to roleplay that I can see the forecast models for the games and read minds - I can't. 

That's today's respawn folks. I'll see you probably Monday, or sooner, who knows! 

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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