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Predictions... You wanted them. You might get some, at some point, maybe. Fair enough, I'll throw a couple in while I discuss Jeff's list of 2007 MMOG hopefuls.

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade - I predict that this will ship in 2007. I'll even go as far as to predict that it will ship in Q1. The Horde gets paladins and the Alliance gets shaman. The message forums will be filled to overflowing with tears and cries of "Nerf somebody else, just not me." Buy stock in virtual Kleenex. If you are interested in this expansion to the best selling MMOG ever I suggest that you click here and click here.

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes - Brad McQuaid returns as the captain of the good ship Vanguard. This "hardcore" MMOG may not be quite as hardcore as was foretold and I predict that it will ship in 2007. Again, I'll go one further and predict a Q1 release. I have high hopes for this title, but the apparent rush to release has me concerned. EverQuest still reigns as the game that I wish I could play again. I haven't had the same feelings of accomplishment or even the same fun in any other MMO. Vanguard gives me hope. Still reading? You're obviously not a Fires of Heaven guild member. Move your clicky finger and click here, then click here.

Lord of the Rings Online - I can't wait to see the throngs of misspelled Gimliiii and Legoleasssss characters. The launch parties should be incredible with gangs of midget wrestlers dressed up as hobbits walking around debating whether Tolkien would approve of the game, the movie or Alan Iverson's conduct on a recent Oprah show. So, you've read every book by or about Tolkien? Have you read this or this?

Two other highly hyped titles are also due in 2007. Enter stage right, Age of Conan: Hyborean Adventures , a Funcom product that has garnered a "M" rating and a rabid following of players who can't buy a "M" rated game.

From the left comes Warhammer Online, a title I'm personally interested in as I once dabbled in the tabletop Warhammer universe. If any title is capable of putting a dent in the World of Warcraft subscriber numbers it is Warhammer Online. My only question is why, oh why, didn't they choose the 40K universe instead of the saturated fantasy one?

Other great titles that may also arrive in 2007 include; Scions of Fate, Pirates of the Burning Sea (another title I'm personally excited to see ship), Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising, Huxley, Hero's Journey, The Chronicles of Spellborn and Pirates of the Carribean Online.

It looks like a banner year for MMOGs. Good thing too, because 2006 was a crater of smouldering wish-me-nots.

Which game will you play? Which ones won't you touch?

Let me know, either in the comments section of the blog or in our forums!
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