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1. Daily Column

Since Boomjack is on his way back from that blazing, sun-crisped place known as Arizona, he’s tapped me – TTH's tried-and-true Managing Editor, Cody “Micajah” Bye – as his replacement to whet your whistles with the latest and greatest gaming news. I’ll do my best, but my whit and humor rarely live up to what Boomjack employs on a daily basis. I’ll even leave my email address tucked in here for any hate mail this edition of Loading… might spawn.

I can’t wait.


Cryptic Studios has been pushing their agenda hard the last few weeks. With a decent amount of interest in their Cryptic Animation Rig (Cryptic AR) and with rumors of a Comic Con update for Marvel Universe Online, Cryptic is priming the pump to attract a large scale community in a short amount of time.

To preemptively prepare for their adoring fans, Jack Emmert and crew have set-up a community-based forum where fans can reach out to each other and talk about anything Cryptic. While these new forums don’t supersede the existing message boards for the “City Of…” games, they are meant to talk about any and all Cryptic projects including any previous titles they may have.

Here’s the official word from Jack:

Does that mean City of Heroes and City of Villains are off-topic here?
No. We love them as much as anyone does and we want to talk about them. But issues related to those games’ ongoing support and development should go on the official game forums.

This coupled with the lack of info about Marvel Universe Online may make for a quiet forum, but Cryptic is hoping that is not the case. Here’s what Jack hopes you can chat about in the meantime:

Talk about Cryptic Studios! We have a lot going on in the next few months. We released the Cryptic Animation Rig in Seattle two weeks ago. Over the summer, we will be hitting as many conventions as we can. We may even surprise you now and then with news of our activities. We’d love to get our fans involved in our company and talk about games, programming, art, comics and any of the other topics that we share an interest.

We will also be talking about Cryptic Studios and how it differs from many other developers. We’ve created a rather unique place in the industry and we’d love to talk about how we got where we are today and where we're going.

All that said, we invite you to register for these forums, post a hello message and strike up the conversation. We’re all looking forward to hearing from you.

There are already a number of fans signed up for the new forums, so don’t be too late. You never know, with beta status going to forum members lately, you shouldn’t skimp out by not registering for forums early and often. Marvel Universe Online could be fairly spectacular when all is said and done, and I’d hate to miss out on an opportunity to help the developers test the game.


In other news, another small Australian-based company has launched a bid to win over the MMO fans of Oceania, this time with an MMOTBS (Massively Multiplayer Online Turn-Based Strategy game). The game is titled, No Horizons, and will be released by December 2007. We have the screenshots and the full press release hosted, but here’s a snippet:

No Horizons extends existing ideas and notions of a strategy game and then takes it to a new dimension. No Horizons boasts immense scope in everything, from the level of control a player has over their culture, the size of the environment to the endless list of features the players have at their disposal. The game is about managing the success of a culture in an unknown environment. The players are in control of their culture and in order to achieve success they players will need to deal with the environment, the multitudes of other players and the underlying story.

Although the game has some interesting looking screenshots and has been in production for five years, I’m curious to see what sort of gameplay they’ve come up with to factor in the “massive” portion of the game. I’ve scoured the website looking for that sort of explanation, but I’ve been unable to come up with anything.

However, I have the TTH investigative team (meaning me, Garret Fuller, and a rabid rodeo clown) on the case, so we’ll try to get you some answers soon.

In the meantime, stick with Ten Ton Hammer and make sure you read the interview With R. A. Salvatore!

Comment in the blog (now with direct link goodness) or email me directly.

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