Web tools can have a major impact upon the success of player-created communities in MMOGs. However, there is a distinct lack of such tools in our wireless world. To that end, the Syndicate's Sean "Dragons" Stalzer returns this week to discuss ways that MMOGs can keep a player involved in the game’s community away from the computer in D-Mail #5 – Using Web Tools to Enhance Player Community.

Guild Management tools would be a great place to start. Things like the Armory from WoW or the guild rankings some games provide are merely data dumps without any interaction or actual value contributed toward the success of the guild. True Guild Management tools allow for a host of opportunities to react quicker to opportunities, resolve issues before they become explosive problems, welcome new members into the guild quicker and to provide services to your guild members in a more real time fashion. All of those things mean greater community growth and happiness.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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