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1. Daily Column

Tomorrow is July 7, 2007 or 7/7/7. Lucky or simply a house 200 feet down and across the road from 666?

There is so much good news out there that I don't know where to begin. For instance, Jack Thompson, the lunatic lawyer who attacks anything to do with video games has been ordered by the Florida Bar Association to undergo psychological testing.

"An official of the Florida Bar proposed late last week that controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson submit to psychological testing and accept a 91-day suspension of his law license, according to an e-mail GamePolitics received from Thompson himself." -- More at GamePolitics


E3, the new, smaller, harder to get around, huddled in various hotels, improved version launches next week.

I'll be there, doing my impression of a homeless person in Beijing during the Olympics as I shuttle between hotels, always hidden from prying eyes.It will be fascinating to see how this new format pans out. When the event was held in the L.A. Convention Center it was a zoo, but it was a centralized zoo. My concern is that after I visit the lions I'm going to need to take an hour cab ride to visit the polar bears. Other years I could just walk through throngs of monkeys to get between cages.


You've probably heard of "dual-boxing". If not, it is where one person plays a MMOG on more than one computer at a time, effectively forming their own group. It was coined dual boxing because most people used two computers and controlled two characters. Difficult? Not really, but not especially easy in some cases. I dual boxed in EverQuest and once or twice even ran three boxes if one of the guys in the office couldn't make a raid. Three characters at once was probably my limit.

I was an amateur. Like chess and Tetris (video with sound), dual boxing now has a grand master, or rather a boyfriend / girlfriend team of them. This pair each control 23 characters at once. That's right 23!

Not 2.

Not 3.


The inner geek in me went "Whoa!" when I saw pictures of their setup. Holy Hannah in a handbasket. You need to look at this. The image on the IBM monitor that sits in the middle is a little creepy, but I'm past it. I assume it's showing some television show?


Enjoy your weekend folks!

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2. New MMOG Articles At Ten Ton Hammer Today

  • Win A Trip To SOE Fan Faire
    "Win a trip to SOE Fan Faire in Las Vegas, August 2nd-5th! We've just chosen the winner of the Free Trip to BlizzCon contest, but we couldn't leave out our friends that enjoy SOE's fine and growing lineup of quality MMORPGs! That's why we're choosing one premium member from our community to send to SOE Fan Faire, all expenses paid! In addition to the event pass, we're paying for airfare (roundtrip within the contiguous United States and Canada*), hotel, and $200 expenses as a grand prize! "
  • Blog: Heat Stroke
    "As the days of summer continue to heat up, so does Ralsu's video card, making him a little irritated by Vanguard's precipitous system requirements."
  • Dungeons and Dragons Online: Custom Build - Warforged Captain
    "The Warforged Captain is a human dragonmarked member of House Cannith, serving as a captain for warforged in combat. Able to heal and buff his or her troops and cast spells to boot, the warforged captain is a deadly ally of any warforged. Learn how to make one with Darkgolem's newest build!
  • EverQuest 2: Zombies - Source of the Problem
    "Zombies - one of the REAL threats to both Norration AND our world. It is not a matter of if they will attack... ...but when. What are zombies? Where do they come from, and more importantly how can we prepare? One brave reporter dares asks these questions, and he alone faces...the answer. "
  • EverQuest 2: The Interesting Inquisitor - Part 1
    "What happens when a great Community Site only has 23 of the 24 class guides? We make more guides! The Inquisitors are just too cool of a class to be left out, so we are working hard to give them the recognition that they deserve. Check out what we have of the Inquisitor guide now, and bookmark for the updates soon to come!"
  • Gods and Heroes: At The Bacchanal
    "It's #2 in the series "Lifestyles of the Insanely Powerful" with Robin Lech! Join Robin as he heads to a true Bacchanal to meet with the party god himself, Bacchus! You're sure to learn more than you want to "
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    "In his latest PvP guide, Martuk examines the stealthy and dangerous Warg Stalker."
  • Runescape: Review
    "Cody "Micajah" Bye puts RuneScape, one of the world's biggest MMORPGs, through its paces in the latest Ten Ton Hammer review!"
  • Vanguard: URT Armor Quest: The Ambassador's Daughter
    "Shayalyn doesn't like spiders. But that didn't stop her from wading into a massive spider infestation to rescue an ambassador's daughter. It's all part of the United Races of Thestra quest line, and this one earns you a chestpiece to complete your set (plus some lovely parting gifts if you complete side quests or kill a named spider)."
  • World of Warcraft: Horde Leveling Guide Update
    "Our Horde Leveling Guide has been updated to walk you through level 30. Check it out as we spend some time in three different zones. The zones are the Hillsbrad Foothills, Alterac Mountains, and the Arathi Highlands. While you visit the three zones, don't expect to do a lot in the second two as you need to be a little bit higher level for many of the quests."

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