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15 new MMOG articles today! 32 so far in November!

Tabula Rasa launched and our readers strapped themselves in for the ride. Seven of the top 10 most viewed pages yesterday belonged to Tabula Rasa. Inspector Gadget meets MMOG. Go, Go, Garriott!

Another day, another Internet outage. I have officially applied to have my ISP's name changed to Cirque de so Lame. Their support acrobatics are second to none. My please for assistance generally go something like this,

ISP: Thank you for calling Cirque de so Lame support. How may I help you?

Boomjack: Are you having some issues at the moment? I connect to your PoP located in ABC.

ISP: No problems on our side. Have you turned your machine off?

Boomjack: I might as well turn it off. My Internet connection would be just as fast. Yes, I've rebooted the machine, rebooted my router, rebooted your piece of gear and booted the dog.

ISP: (walks me through everything that I just told him I had done, slowly and deliberately in his Indian accent). Oh, wait a minute. I see we have a problem in your PoP. Hold please.

Boomjack: whistles elevator music...tells his wife that they have gone to replace the flux capacitor.

ISP: Everything will be working in the next 15 minutes. Please call back if you continue to have problems.

Boomjack: Talk to you soon!


EVE Online FanFest 2007 is over, but the coverage of this frosty Icelandic event is just beginning. Jeff and Phil have seven exclusives from the meeting of the hive mind just for you, and you, and you. Personally, I'm excited about a Mac client for EVE Online. I can mine while I write!

Comments, questions or naughty pictures? Hit the forum or hit my mailbox. --Boomjack

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