Grow Home is an experimental platformer from Ubisoft and I figured I would share some of the tips I've gained from playing it. Grow Home is a surprise hit for me, out of Ubisoft no less, where you play as a robot and travel up a star tree gaining power crystals and powering the tree up. The main mission isn't as fun as trying to collect the crystals, with each milestone unlocking new powers. 

The game is rather short, so don't expect 40 hours, and it's very simple. Climb, find crystals, and have fun! That's all you have to do. Here are five tips to help you get started. 

Hold On and Don't Let Go 

Walking is for solid ground, anywhere else you're going to want to hold on tight. It's important to hold on as tight as possible and use your grip to move around near ledges and on the tree's roots, because otherwise you're going to fall off and even gliding you're going to probably have a long walk or teleport to get back to where you're at. 

It may take a little while longer to get anything done or go anywhere, but you'll appreciate the security in knowing that you're not going to fall off as your tiny robot hands grip the floral terrain. 

Find Those Crystals 

This isn't even a tip, seriously, find the crystals! After the first 10 or so you may be super discouraged by the zoom unlock (although I was super hyped). When it comes to the future unlocks you'll be super happy by what they provide. Next is a minor thruster, that lets you thrust and keeps you from suffering from falling too much, plus makes grabbing more crystals so much easier. 

The very base of the tree is littered with so many crystals that you can easily hunt your first ten there and still have a few more. Move boulders! Look behind hills! Look under all the things! The giant rockpile at the very base has two under the rocks, for a start. 

Roots (Star Shoots) Grow on Trees (Use Them!) 

You can grow a star shoot out and NOT connect it to a power source. You can do this to make a safety net for yourself as you climb. You can grow several of them beside each other to make a nice walking path. You can chain them together to reach far out power sources. There is no need to worry about growing in the wrong direction, the roots will grow additional roots for you to use, providing a near limitless amount of roots for you to grow through the world. 

There is an Interior / Explore Everywhere 

While climbing the tree, don't forget there is an interior and in that interior is probably a few crystals. Just sayin' don't forget to explore everywhere, because you never know what you're going to find. Don't forget that you can use the shoots to navigate anywhere you want, they have a set length they'll grow but you can grow even further out from there. 

Refresh your Fall Flower / Plants do Things 

Be sure to grab a fresh fall flower to make M.O.M. happy and be safe. Oh and plants do the craziest things, from anti-gravity to letting you jump higher. Don't negate the flora! 

That's all the tips I have, I suggest exploring the rest of the game yourself and let the exploration and discovery guide you in the game.  

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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