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In virtual terrorism news, the Second Life servers or grid as the good folks at Linden Labs like to call them have been taken down while they Linden Labs staff clean up a bad case of "Grey Goo". Apparently some genius created a script that hatched some grey goo in the game that then replicated itself over and over and over again until it began crashing the servers, errr grid. The official blog has a lot and a little to say about this and that.

I'd have loved to be a virtual, mechanical fly on the wall in that tech room when the goo started to flow. It was probably a lot like The Poseidon Adventure only the room was right side up. I bet the techs were screaming like babies, or girls, or baby girls as the goo started to flow out of the bit spouts on the sides of the servers and filled up the room. Imagine the pantloads that were dealt when a room full of bacteriaphobic techies were up to their chins in server oatmeal.

When you give people both anonymity and the power to cause harm to others you are guaranteed to see this kind of behaviour. Sometimes it doesn't even require the anonymity. The rule holds true outside of video games as well, as North Korea is so quick to prove.

Are open-ended games like Second Life doomed to griefing attacks that will eventually cripple their servers and put them out of business?

Comment here or comment in our fancy, shiny, triple-think new forums where I have created a thread just for you...and you... and of course you over there with the ABBA shirt on.

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