Well, I'm not going to talk about that because HELL YEAH WE NEED A GARRISON APP!!! I don't have anything to type about that. I mean, seriously, who does? We - need - a - garrison - app - it - does - not - matter - there - are - no - arguments - against - it.

So let's move on to how to make a garrison app. You will need the following software:

  • Teamviewer (on your PC w/ WoW)
  • Teamviewer (on your phone or tablet, it works on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry)

Now, install Teamviewer on your PC and setup an account and all of that fun stuff. Then, login to your account on your phone, login to WoW through (easiest option), do your garrison stuff and move on. This video will show you how it works, omitting some steps for privacy, but seriously it's crazy easy and fun to do:

Warnings, and Risks

Teamviewer isn't the best most awesome piece of software in existance, it could let someone haxxor your PC or something, especially if your password is on a password list somewhere - so be sure to be for real serious about a real password. Additionally, probably don't run it unless you want to do garrison stuff away from the house.

Blizzard is cool with Teamviewer, as long as you are the one clicking the thing in the game, it's totally cool. Blizzard could still ban you, but from everything I've read on the official forums, as long as the third-party software doesn't press a button that you don't physically press in some capacity (i.e. as long as it doesn't automate tasks, inject itself into the game, etc.), you should be fine.

It's also not the most UI friendly, but hey it works great for me. I have some patience to sometimes fail at dragging things around or looking at 8-bit WoW.

If you really need it...

You can play WoW anywhere at anytime obviously. So limiting it to just products that can run Windows applications isn't fair. If you have a good enough Win8 tablet or a netbook with a dedicated graphics card or a modern laptop or any PC or hell maybe you have an SNES OC'd to sweetness, whatever, they can all run WoW. For the garrison, as proven above, you can pretty much control and run your followers through a touchscreen using some kind of VPN solution. So, there is no "unfairness" to having a garrison app. In addition, having a garrison app will actually allow players to compete with players with much more time on their hands in leveling up followers and assigning them to missions.

I realize the longer duration missions are designed with the idea in mind that you set it and forget it, but right now garrisons are awesome and adding in that functionality shouldn't be a huge issue. Seriously, it's the most app worthy thing. If Shards Online can have an app, so can Blizzard, considering the small studio is able to cobble together something with crazy awesome functionality and Blizzard's app still just kinda does the auction house, which btw I think is more game changing than letting people assign followers on the go.

Have fun and be safe in Azeroth y'all.

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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