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Despite the fact that he's in Los Angeles for one of the
highlights of the gaming industry event season, our sleep deprived
executive editor, Ben de la Durantaye, must've
drifted off to sleep last night dreaming of long ago summer camp
adventures. Some time during his alleged slumber, Ben penned this
missive to the folks back home (you!) Check out what's coming up at E3
in Ben's Loading...
A Letter From Camp...er, E3



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Dear Readers,

So here we are at E3 2010. Well, not quite yet. We’re all still a
little bleary eyed from long plane trips and last minute planning
meetings last night, but we’re caffeinated and we’re about to step out
of the hotel and head to the convention center.

Big day today. Ethec’s starting the day off right with a nice breakfast
with the folks from Gamania (Hero:108 Online) and he’ll be joining them
in a roundtable discussion. While he’s doing that,  Sardu and
myself will be grabbing our press badges. Sardu forgot to bring his,
and mine wasn’t mailed to me since I’m a Canadian and apparently
there’s some sort of ban on mailing press badges over the border. Too
many illegal immigrants posing as reporters maybe.

Then at noon Sardu and Ethec head over to the Sony Online Entertainment
booth while Martuk and I go talk to the guys developing Test Drive
Unlimited 2. I’m looking forward to this appointment as MMO racers are
relatively untapped in the west, and TDU2 and Need for Speed World seem
to be taking different approaches on the genre. Who’ll get the gold,
and who’ll be runner-up? We’ll know this time next year. The theme will
continue as I’ll then head immediately over to the guys from EA Black
Box and discuss some more Need for Speed World with them.

At 1:30 Sardu will be going into the realm of Might and Magic with
Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms: a relatively new MMO making its way
into the western market with a huge IP backing.

I have a feeling 2:00 will be the big hour though. Martuk and Ethec
will be at the Turbine booth, and we were told something is going to be
revealed. What it is, we’re not quite sure, despite some speculations.
We’ll be letting you know later though, so be sure to check back.

While they wrap things up with Turbine, Sardu and I will be hanging
with BioWare and LucasArts with some hands-on time with Star Wars: the
Old Republic. We’ll also be treated to a presentation this time
around—something we didn’t get at GDC, so we’re quite looking forward
to the goodies that come out from there. As I’m sure you all are too.

Our day will conclude with some after-E3 parties with SOE and Nexon and
other friends. Chances are we won’t be posting screens of those. Until
they’re used for blackmail purposes.

Well, the cab is pulling up, and the lads are shouting at me so I must
take my leave. Be sure to check back frequently later today as we get
the news and goods out to you as swiftly as possible.

Wish you were here, xoxo,


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extraordinary new persistent online multiplayer game from Realtime
Worlds. Each Key to the City code will grant the player unlimited
access to APB's Social District, where they can customize their
character's looks, clothing, car, and even design logos, tattoos and
signature music themes. It also grants five pulse-pounding hours of
access to the Action Districts. And now you can unlock your APB
pre-launch experience with a Key to the City from Ten Ton Hammer!


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Microcosms: Gaming for Freedom – Aika Online Review


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StarCraft II - The New Armor System


win in battle, you must understand your opponents. Their strengths,
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Most importantly, you must know how to react when your opponent is
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