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The ongoing saga of the
Stargate IP and Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment is a tale of sorrow for
the many fans of the franchise. This situation just highlights that
even the MMOG market is not immune to fraud and deceit. Follow the
crooked twists and turns of this sad case in href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/loading/2010/aug/31">Loading...Scammed

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We have eight codes for style="font-style: italic;">Warhammer Online.
These codes will give you a Bottomless Bowl of Custard to chuck at
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the subject line "WAAAGH". Eight winners will be picked randomly at the
end of the week and contacted through email with their code.

now with half the calories.

The saga of litigation and underhanded marketing tactics continue
withCheyenne Mountain Entertainment and the style="font-style: italic;">Stargate

Here's a company that just won't quit. CME has gone through so many
litigations and the style="font-style: italic;">Stargate
franchise has been dragged through the mud far more than any
self-respecting IP should. href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/88682" target="_blank">Uncovered
yesterday was the latest scam
that has been attempted to be pulled off.

Not so long ago the MMOG style="font-style: italic;">Stargate Worlds
was canceled due to shady business practices. During that time
developers weren't even getting paid. They stuck with the project
though, because as is the case with most developers, they believed in
their product. To CEO Gary Whiting, however, it was all just a way to
scam money. And that he did, with absolutely no regard to the fanbase
or the developers whose bills were piling up with no pay.

The more recent saga came in form of href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/taxonomy/term/2366"
target="_blank"> style="font-style: italic;">Stargate Resistance.
Somehow the fraudulent company was able to convince investors that this
new game was one worth investing in. After an alleged 10 million
dollars went into the investment, CME again filed for bankruptcy, but
not before selling all the assets to the accomplice company, Dark Comet
Games. Dark Comet bought the $10M game for $100,000.

Now to be accurate, CME is not named as a defendant in the proceedings,
but rather Dark Comet Games and Fresh Start Studios are being held
responsible for this newest charade. The point of interest though, is
that a formerly fired employee by the name of Timothy Jenson appears to
have been plotting this bogus scheme with CME CEO Gary Whiting as far
back as March 2nd--the same Whiting that fired Jenson.

The whole thing is simply nauseating. It's no surprise that scam
artists (if you can even call these types of clowns artists) have dug
their dirty greedy hands into an IP and industry that many, many people
globally are invested in as a means of entertainment. The real tragedy
is the amount of developers, programmers and other personnel who keep
getting caught in the middle of an obviously untrustworthy group of
individuals. For most of these people in the industry, they're
following a dream. The individuals responsible for continuing to abuse
the investment of trust and finances turn these dreams into nightmares.
Several of those caught in the first scandal have either left the
industry all together or gone into hiding until they feel confident
enough to be able to return to the workplace they once loved.

So to our readers, I say put aside your wishes of a great style="font-style: italic;">Stargate
game for now. Anything involving this IP should be approached with
extreme caution until all remnants of CMG and Whiting's troupe of
bandits have been put behind bars. style="font-style: italic;">Stargate
could make for a really cool game; of that there's no doubt. But until
the license is out of the hands of crooks, they're only going to find
new ways to steal from investors and the public. We're denying some
potentially great developers the chance to work on potentially great
games the longer we allow anyone to think of giving these scoundrels
another go. Get the IP to a proven company already.

Mad too? Express yourself in the href="http://forums.tentonhammer.com/showthread.php?t=53200">forums.

Shayalyn's Epic Thread of the

From our href="http://forums.tentonhammer.com/forumdisplay.php?f=561">Ten
Ton Torched (Flames) forum

and his bloody toys

How did Star Wars toy sales change the ending of style="font-style: italic;">Return of the Jedi?
You'll have to check out today's Epic Thread to learn more and comment
on whether you think George Lucas is a still a genius after all these
years and all these movies, or whether commercial interests rendered
him incapable of staying on target. We may even throw in a little href="http://tentonhammer.com/swtor"> style="font-style: italic;">Star Wars: The Old
launch speculation for good measure. href="http://forums.tentonhammer.com/showthread.php?t=52916">Discuss!


Quotes from the Epic Thread

a quote from Tom Hanks which I always remind myself of every time I
check my lottery ticket: you can only eat so well. By that time George
was already rich. The guy sold out his art for even more money he would
never spend.

- href="http://forums.tentonhammer.com/showpost.php?p=440332&postcount=12">Mikes


and Exclusive Content
Today at Ten Ton Hammer

8 new and exclusive
Ten Ton Hammer features today! 126 Ten Ton Hammer features in August!
942 in 2010!

style="font-weight: bold;">GAMESCOM 2010

style="color: red;">HOT!
London Calling - An Exclusive Interview for The Secret World


Ton Hammer was introduced to social hubs and training areas in The
Secret World at gamescom 2010. London will be the main social hub for
all players to congregate, party, and socialize. Players will be
trained in a surreal area known as Tokyo Future where they will also be
introduced to the evil of the world in the game. We sat down with
Ragnar Tørnquist of Funcom to discuss London, The Crucible,
Future, and more. Read our notes about the game's features and check
out our video interview to find out Ragnar had to say.

style="color: rgb(51, 102, 255);">VIDEO!
Experience gamescom 2010 - A Ten Ton Hammer Video Tour of the Show


Ever wonder what it would be like to actually go to gamescom? We know
you have, so we here at Ten Ton Hammer decided to give you a little
video tour. This video includes just one of the five halls at gamescom
2010. Join Ben and Reuben as we walk around the floor, checking out the
booths, the games and the babes. You may not have been able to be in
Cologne for the event, but you'll think you were.


A Gadgeteer Class Q&A for Mythos


the rise of co-op multiplayer and action RPGs, fans are eagerly
anticipating the long awaited action MMORPG, Mythos. Hardly able to
contain ourselves at the thought of dungeon-crawling for fun and
profit, Ten Ton Hammer talked to Demian Moreno, Redbana’s
Community Manager. Demian Moreno gave us details about the long range,
death-dealing, bomb-using, bad-ass Gadgeteer class as well as the
Marksman skill tree.


Woman Revealed in New DC Universe Online Artwork and Screenshots


female superheroes are as recognizable or iconic as Wonder Woman. Since
her inception into the DC Universe in the 1940s, this super heroine has
gone on to spawn several comic books, cartoons, television shows, and
movies. So it was only natural that the voluptuous Amazon and her Lasso
of Truth would be making their way into Sony Online
Entertainment'supcoming superhero-based MMOG, href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/taxonomy/term/1407">DC
Universe Online.
With a character such as this you need epic artwork symbolic of the
heroin and SOE has released a batch of new images that depict Wonder
Woman in all her Amazonian glory.

a Scenic Tour of Mytheon with Six New Screenshots


Mytheon's open beta comes to a close today and the game will soon be
making its way to North American players. And thanks to a href="http://www.mytheongame.com/en/news/utv-true-games-partners-gamigo-bring-mytheon-europe">publishing
deal with gamigo,
European players won't be left out of the fun when it comes to slaying
the gods of Olympus. To help showcase what the publisher plans to
deliver to players with Mytheon, gamigo has released a new batch of
screenshots showing various areas in Mytheon and a particularly nasty
looking Cyclops.


Weekly Report - PlayerScore arrives at TenTonHammer!


WoW Weekly Report is our newsletter dedicated to giving you a
wrap-up of the previous week in news, stories, and more. This week we
present Ten Ton Hammer's new WoW add-on and website, href="http://playerscore.com">PlayerScore,
our latest articles including zone previews, new abilities, and new
talents, and all the news regarding href="http://tentonhammer.com/wow">World of Warcraft
so you
don't miss a thing.


Cataclysm Preview: Tanaris, the Jewel of the Desert


that arid desert zone in Southern Kalimdor, is full of rugged
inhospitable terrain populated by Goblins, Ogres, Pirates, and even
some Trolls.
Most players will remember this zone fondly thanks to the charm of the
city of Gadgetzan. So it leaves us to wonder how Tanaris has fared
against the changes Cataclysm brings. Has the zone been torn
apart or has
it flourished?

Online: Carebears Anonymous - Ten Steps To Recovery


In this accessible guide to jumping feet-first into PvP,Space Junkie
explains how to stop mining and start blowing people up.

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    Properties and MMOGs – Cure or Curse?

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