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With the next patch, Blizzard is intentionally breaking one of the more controversial hand-holding mods to hit World of Warcraft. Are fun and accessibility at cross-purposes, as Blizzard surprisingly seems to contend? Have addons gone too far? We'll look at such questions in today's Loading... Game-Breaking Addons.

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Loading... Daily

Some of you might be old enough to remember the old Milton Bradley handheld called Simon. Four brightly colored buttons illuminated in a sequence, and you'd have to repeat the ever-growing sequence or be cruelly, humiliatingly buzzed for your leaky short-term memory.

More than a few addon versions of Simon have invaded our MMORPGs, though these mods won't test your memory by delivering their instructions in sequences - you need only follow their simple one-step instructions while not spilling Mountain Dew . World of Warcraft patch 3.3.5 will break one of them - a popular addon that provides visual cues in the game environment during raid encounters regarding movement, positioning, etc. Some say AVR (Augmented Virtual Reality) makes the raid game too easy, while the other camp states that AVR makes raid encounters accessible to the casual audience.

This is just the latest flare-up in the long-running debate about just how accessibile raids should be, and what's interesting to me is that in the absence of a content update targetted at the raid crowd (it's been nearly six months since Icecrown Citadel was introduced in 3.3), Blizzard is finally seeing a real chasm develop between hardcore and casual playstyles.

Don't get me wrong: to date everyone in WoW could play in their own part of the playground, and that's still the case in-game. But out of game, in the official forums and discussion boards, the casual community has found it's feet enough to install addons like AVR and win at content previously reserved for skilled and coordinated guilds, getting in on loot and rewards previously accorded to the more elite crowd. No wonder the more hardcore felt their purples had faded to a light mauve, and Blizzard stepped in to restore the appropriate level of challenge and reward. Off topic, but would anyone be opposed to a "teaching mode" that integrated AVR concepts with scaled-down rewards?

AVR certainly isn't the only mod that's said to trivialize a game. WoW has at least a handful of mods that will, for example, level you from 1 to cap telling you which quest to do when and where to do it. Most MMOGs nowadays have one step short of such a system built-in to the original interface with flags, circles, and dots to guide you to your quest objectives. While I appreciate the convenience these mods offer, I can't help feeling that it's no longer a game, but a sort of online Simon says where a computer spoon feeds me instructions and I'm dumbly following along. I'm not sure what the opposite of immersive is (we'll invent a word because it's the Internet and we can: exmersive!), but following a set of instructions like a mindless drone is definitely exmersive.

Do you use handholding mods? If there were less pressure to level-up to catch up with friends, would you prefer not to? Share your thoughts in the Loading... forum, and have a great weekend!

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