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The Pulse

You vote with what you view at Ten Ton Hammer, and the result is the Ten Ton Pulse (What is Pulse?).

Here's today's top 5 Pulse results:

  1. World of Warcraft
  2. Warhammer Online
  3. Lord of the Rings Online
  4. Age of Conan
  5. Runes of Magic

Biggest Movers in the Top 20 today :

  1. Ultima Online (UP 22 to #16)
  2. Champions Online (UP 11 to #12)
  3. Darkfall (UP 5 to #15)

Loading... Daily

Loading... choppin', slayin', slicin' and otherwise dicin' the latest MMO gaming news daily.

Today's title comes courtesy of an awesome blog stunt (anytime you can tie-in Arnie, you win) perpetrated by Mythic. Word is that the long-awaited major Warhammer Online announcement is coming today, so I had a choice - hold the presses until Mythic Entertainment gives us the goods or proceed with my usual irresponsible speculation.

There was a third option, however. Find an insider that would give us a word a little early, just a little advance notice, a little non-starter since, mind you, we're not (usually) out to get anyone fired. And we found one in... who else? Creative Director Paul Barnett. You'll know Paul from any number of video antics at Ten Ton Hammer and elsewhere, most recently a tour of the Leipzig Games Expo where Paul, along with Associate Producer Josh Drescher, had the camera crew in stitches pretty much all the way though the venue (which isn't easy to do, they're supposed to be serious people).

In any case, here's what Paul Barnett had to about today's Warhammer Online announcement:

Chop to it, the news is gunna slay ya!

More gud stuff is wot we got fur ya

War wot is it gud for ---- Cool stuff, dats wot!

Rub me josh…. Rub me

Er… or am I wildly off base?

The first line is pretty obvious, except that I have a funny feeling that new classes are just the tip of the iceberg. The rest, well, it's either absolutely brilliant or completely silly, silly in the way that warrant serious speculation and pages of forum discussion (which is a kind of brilliance all to itself).

The "Rub me josh..." has me a little concerned, so wouldn't it be great if we could ask Josh if something special had developed between two of our favorite WAR road warriors? Wouldn't it be great if you could ask questions of Executive Producer Jeff Hickman, Mark Davis, Jeff Skalski and other Warhammer Online developers about the WAR announcement that's set to pop at any moment now? We're offering you a chance to do just that!

Tonight at 7pm we'll kick off the first episode of our Loading... Live dev chat series with a very special Thursday edition all about Warhammer Online's latest. We'll have our bit and ask our questions of our Mythic Entertainment, then choose the best questions from text chat and hand over the mic (selectively, mind you) to the audience.

Discuss Paul's nigh-mystical vagaries and the latest on WAR in the Loading... forum, or as always, my inbox is never quite full enough.

Shayalyn's Epic Thread of the Day

From our WoW: Rant Forum

Game is too easy

does it take to make a casual WoW player go ballistic? Judging by
Runngun's topic, all you have to do is suggest that WoW gets easier
with each expansion and watch the comments roll in. After a few "Hell,
yes, it's easier" posts, peppered with a rallying cry or two of "It's
still fun," pretty soon, some casual player is going to blow his
cap and spew vitriol* all over the thread.

What do you think:
is WoW too easy? Or is easy just another word for accessible? Does the
ease of play matter if the game remains fun? Have your say (and go easy
on the vitriol) in our WoW community forum.

No, that wasn't an obscene reference; that was my feeble attempt to keep up
with Ethec's vocabulary. Google "vitriol" if you're confused.


Awesome Quote from the
Epic Thread

"What I'd really like to know is
WHY some people act like we casual
players are some kind of scum. Maybe some of us have a life outside
WoW: career, family, other obligations. Maybe, as Miralyn said, some of
us play to have fun and relax a few hours a week.

I'm sorry, but these posts get really old. I don't care if you're a
legend in your own mind, bragging about how you can do a gazillion DPS,
how you can one-shot a level 80 elite, or whatever else makes you think
your some kind of uber-leet cause you have 100 hours a week to play
WoW. Some of us don't have that kind of time, so do you think we're not
worthy...because of that? Geeze, if the game's 'too easy'
for you then find something else to do instead of whining about us
casual players

- Bluzeman

Do you have a favorite Epic Thread? Let
us know

4 new MMOG hand-crafted articles today! 121 in January! 121 in 2009!

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