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Between NFL football playoffs and a new series of Jack Bauer antics premiering in the US market last night, it's time for a testosterone-fueled Loading... So what does that mean? Final Fantasy XIV or Hello Kitty Online impressions? Nope. Instead, how about a first Loading... look into Global Agenda plus a brand new Star Trek Online endgame Q&A in today's Loading... Hands-On with Global Agenda.

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There's usually no better way to collectively turn off the Loading... readership than to mention sports, but sometimes I can't help myself, especially when I'm feeling my Monday morning quarterback verve kick in. I'll get to my point quickly, promise.

Brett Favre might have as many fans and detractors as the Dallas Cowboys, but whether or not you're a football fan, the usually droll postgame interviews after yesterday's NFC divisional matchup took an unexpected turn. The game pitted the 40-year old Vikings quarterback against a twentysomething Tony Romo, and Favre's near-recordsetting performance made Romo, who fumbled the ball twice and threw an interception, look like a chump.

Watching the game with my dad, a 68-year old stroke survivor, I knew he was pulling for Favre in a big way, even though we really don't have a team in this year's playoffs. Forty might not sound particularly old, but given the grist mill of professional football, it's certainly pushing it for a football quarterback. Aging with dignity is a constant struggle for usefulness and relevance, and I knew Favre's run, however far it goes, will be a triumph for anyone that's been told their well past their prime. Favre revealed his emotion in a postgame interview, and you might have thought it was the Super Bowl rather than the NFL equivalent of the semifinals.

I thought of this yesterday as I was playing Global Agenda, a futuristic shooter MMO due on Feb. 1st whose developers have minced no words about making heavy demands on player skill. I say I was "playing," but really I was getting my butt kicked with nearly every single map, and that was actually fine by me. I know I'm a fumbling Romo among Favres here, in skill if not in age, but given enough time and experience, if I play with my eyes open, I can learn their tricks and maybe put together a few of my own.

Global Agenda is currently in closed beta, with no open beta scheduled. It'll be interesting to see how that decision plays out for Hi-Rez, since it's certainly bold. The one downside to the game I've found so far, sad to say, is the vocal minorities within the player community. MMO gamers and FPS gamers get along like cats and dogs - short of not antagonizing each other, they simply can't understand what the other is aiming for. The most vocal among purely PvP types are often elitists, pottymouthed teenagers, or high-chair generals, while MMO gamers tend to be careful, calculating, coordinated, and (more often than not) killed. Easily. Especially in a fast paced game. Fortunately, in Global Agenda the MMOers have PvE and crafting as a crutch to lean on while they work their way into PvP, the PvPers are able to level-up with matchmade PvP, and the elitists have the AvA game.

But altogether I'm pretty impressed with the fit and finish of the game as it nears launch on February . Global Agenda introduces a variety of twists on familiar online FPS gameplay, among them a movable "respawn beacon" that allows your group to instantly teleport to a set location on the map, getting fallen teammates back into the action quickly. These beacons can be destroyed, however, and it's always wise to always treat your enemy's beacon as a secondary objective.

The game also boasts a novel PvE co-op mode with a surprising amount of content, and it's worth doing for the crafting component rewards, which you don't get in PvP. Also, jetpacks (properly used), a device available to all classes that slows as it heals, and stealth (for recon class players) can get you out of a jam in a hurry, something the online FPS death-spiral sorely needed. But the most noteworthy thing about Global Agenda - what sets apart from just another online shooter - is the agency vs. agency "Conquest" gameplay, where 10v10 teams (an assortment from each agency and alliance) will duke it out for facilities and resources on a large campaign map. Some of us need a social objective more than ranks, achievements, and leaderboards, and AvA seems primed to deliver.

Global Agenda might not have the splash of other upcoming releases, but I look to GA for the kind of long-tail most famously associated with EVE Online - another game that was slow to come to the scene, but still seems to be growing five years later. It's different and fresh enough to attract a crowd, and the split free-to-play / subscription model means that Global Agenda is the sort of game you can keep coming back to. But what's your initial reaction to Global Agenda? Have you preordered the game for the beta? If you're holding off or aren't interested, what are your fears? Share your comments in the Loading... forum.

And speaking of endgame, don't miss today's Star Trek Online interview. Zeke Sparkes, Lead Content Designer for Star Trek Online, revealed some of Cryptic's plans for level-cap gameplay in a Ten Ton Hammer interview released today. Zeke talks in detail about the rolling release of exploration content, deep space encounters, dailies, and quests leading up to the ulimate encounter with the Borg queen, so take a look!

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