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Today we take a look at the
difference between a lure and a hook in MMO games. Is it more important
to have a cool element to draw players in, or is the hook of fun
gameplay the only thing that needs to be considered? We examine both
elements under differing circumstances today in href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/loading/2010/oct/12">Loading...
Hook, Line and Sinker.

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style="font-weight: bold;">Rift
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As our href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/rift/interviews/reader-submitted-questions-part2"> style="font-style: italic;">Rift
Interview series continues, I
started thinking about what draws gamers to the games they play.
Undoubtedly this is the primary component for developers too: 
what is their game going to offer to not only get players interested,
but to keep them coming back?

Now certainly style="font-style: italic;">Rift: Planes of Telara
has more to it than the Rift system itself, which is certainly a lure.
But taking a look at other games, often we see one single lure and then
the question becomes 'is it enough?'

I suppose the answer really depends on the lure itself, and how often
it's been done in the past. Taking a look at style="font-style: italic;">DC Universe Online
for example, if it was 'just another superhero game' it probably
wouldn't be getting the kind of attention that it is. Or would it? If
we similarly look at style="font-style: italic;">Star Wars: The Old
Republic, the only announced
lure is its depth of story. And that alone seems to be enough for
thousands of fans who are drooling at their keyboards even as they read
the title of the game.

Analyzing a bit further, the component that gets players to try the
game may not even end up being what keeps them in the game. My initial
draw to Age
of Conan
, for example, was
its combat system. Even though I still enjoy that component of the
game, as I have played on and off over the past several years I find
it's the world itself that keeps drawing me back - the depth of detail
in the environments, and the life the AI brings to the game.

So then, how do you draw players in? I think it's simply a matter of
hitting them over the head with something big, bold and beautiful. The
idea of an action-based DC MMOG as promised by style="font-style: italic;">DCUO
is pretty alluring. The originality of a rift system coupled with the
unequaled class system of style="font-style: italic;">Rift: Planes of Telara
is also attractive. A universe that can be explored with rich style="font-style: italic;">Star Wars
stories is read as Utopia for style="font-style: italic;">Star Wars: The Old
Republic fans. Rewarding
unique action combat beckons players to style="font-style: italic;">TERA.

All these games have a lure or draw. But there is one thing they share
in common. The lure will be spit out quickly if there's no hook. In
this case fun, rewarding gameplay needs to be the hook to keep players
in the game. We needn't look further than href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/loading/2010/oct/8"> style="font-style: italic;">Minecraft
to see that all anyone really wants is a fun game.

So does the lure itself matter? It does to a certain degree. If there's
no attraction it will be hard to get players into the game to get
hooked, particularly if we're talking about triple A games. Games like style="font-style: italic;">Minecraft
don't need too much of a lure because they are free and simple word of
mouth goes a long way. One is much more likely to try out a free game
just because someone said it's fun than they are to spend $60+ on word
of mouth alone. A look at style="font-style: italic;">DDO,
pre-F2P, lets us know that a game with a hook and no lure doesn't do
well long-term either outside the free-to-play market. style="font-style: italic;">DDO
was on its last legs when it was a subscription game. Once they
switched the models though, there was nothing stopping many more gamers
from biting that hook.

So ultimately, which is more important? If a box and a subscription are
required, then both the hook and the lure share an important role.
Eliminate the initial price tag though, and it all comes down to the

Have other thoughts? Let us know in the href="http://forums.tentonhammer.com/showthread.php?t=54086">forums.

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