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PvP-oriented MMOGs lived and
died by the quality of their matchmaking systems, matching players of
similar levels and abilities to ensure an even playing field. These
matchmaking systems have made their way into more PvE-friendly MMOGs,
such as LEGO Universe with their “affinity system.”
This system plugs a player, after entering a new area, into the
instance where any players from their Best Friends or Guild lists are
located. But why stop there? Can’t a matchmaking system go
further than this and be more refined? Jeff "Ethec" Woleslagle delves
deeper into the possibilities in href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/loading/2010/oct/15">Loading...
Matchmaker, Matchmaker.

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Loading... the original daily
contested spawn.

Contrast the newbie gibfest that was style="font-style: italic;">APB
with Global
, where even if your
shooter skills leave something to be desired, you won't be matched
outside your level range against players with über unlocks
(and there's always co-op PvE). There's little doubt that PvP games
live and die by the quality of their matchmaking systems.

But matchmaking isn't just for PvP-oriented online games anymore.
During a dev chat I attended yesterday, style="font-style: italic;">LEGO Universe
Creative Director Ryan Seabury briefly discussed the game's system for
matchmaking players by server instance. Dubbed the "affinity system",
the idea is that when entering a new area of the game, the game will
check to see if any players from your Best Friends (i.e. friend list)
or Guild (when guilds go live), are in the same area and automatically
plug you into their instance.

Such a system only works in games with the same sort of architecture as
the original style="font-style: italic;">Guild Wars
or Hero
108 Online
, where you have
high player concurrency branched into multiple instances of the same
zone. It also works best in a level-less game - style="font-style: italic;">LEGO U
has Zelda-style "heart" progression, where though you're player gains
more "hearts", looks cooler, and plays tougher, you'll never outgrow
the benefits of helping new players. But devs (particularly our friends
working on Guild
Wars 2
) have time and again
pointed out the negative social impact of ubiquitous MMO game mechanics
like contested spawns, and it's nice to see a game taking steps to
redress the co-op balance.

I know you're thinking that this is yet another Loading... where Ethec
has a nerdgasm over some simple sounding feature in some MMO, and
granted that putting you and your friends in the same place only makes
sense. And it does. But if you pull on the thread of the affinity
system a bit, you begin to see how socially transformative it could be.
What if we grouped players by demographics, by game type status, by
guild status (guilded or unguilded), or even chat preferences... not in
some draconian hardline way, but just in terms of seasoning certain
compatible types of player a little more into the mix. Or what if
players with the same unfinished group quests simply found themselves
in the same instance - a sort of passive Dungeon Finder in an overland

Ryan was the first to point out that the system runs into some
complications if you dig deep enough into social network logic, but
we're not the only ones to contend time and again that if you aren't
playing an MMORPG to tap into a like-minded community, you'll probably
be happier sticking with single-player games. Not to oversell the
concept, the promise of something like the affinity system is that
finding interesting people and potential friends online may be almost
as effortless as in the days when the Internet was young and the magic
of playing alongside players in another part of the world was reason
enough to be friendly.

What's your take on style="font-style: italic;">LEGO Universe's
affinity system? Should MMORPGs make more of an effort to play the good
host and group players by interest? Have your say in the href="http://forums.tentonhammer.com/showthread.php?t=54164">Loading...
forum, then have yourself a
wonderful weekend.

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