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The launch of Craft
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is coming quickly. How well does Russian Studio
CyberDemons fare in the crafting of a subscription modeled fantasy
MMORPG? Find out today in href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/loading/may/18">Loading...
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  1. World
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  3. EverQuest
  4. Age
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  5. Lord
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  1. StarCraft
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  2. href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/taxonomy/term/52">Pirates
    of the Burning Sea (UP 15 to #18)
  3. href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/taxonomy/term/47">Guild Wars
    (UP 10 to #16)

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  • May
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  • style="font-weight: bold;"> 3/24
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Loading... Daily

Over the weekend I got a chance to check out the upcoming MMORPG by
Cyberdemon, published by Kalicanthus, href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/taxonomy/term/2422"> style="font-style: italic;">Craft of Gods.
The game piqued my interest a few months ago, mainly because it hadn't
made much of an impression on the North American audience. I had barely
heard about it and it was set to launch in only a few months. The
screenshots and premise looked decent enough, so I was admitedly
intrigued from there on out. I should have left well enough alone...

When I logged into the game for the first time this weekend, on my way
to meet my hosts for a guided tour of the game my first reaction was
one of slight confusion. The character selection screen wasn't too
intuitive. Although it didn't take me too long to figure out that the
single flag appearing on the screen was my pre-generated character, I
initially ignored the small flag as at first glance it looked like a
watermark or other insignificant part of the screen. No matter though,
it didn't take long before I found my character and logged into the

The environmental graphics were nice. They looked great at some points,
and other points felt lackluster. Kind of like Katee Sackhoff in
Battlestar Gallactica. Sometimes she seems pretty hot, and other times,
you wonder why. Even though I could see glimpses of some real talent in
the artists behind the work, a lot of this was muddied by an incredibly
low framerate of 15 frames per second. To be perfectly clear, I'm
running a decent rig. A couple of Radeon 4890s in Crossfire
(for a total of 2 gigs DDR3 texture RAM) should be able to handle the
game's graphics and spit them back out at a much higher frame rate.
But, for whatever reason, it just wasn't happening in the small town we
started in. It's not as if the town was busy. There was no one on the
server except myself, a couple of other journalists, and three GMs. I
only saw a handful of NPCs in the area as well. This all led me to the
conclusion that it was probably poor optimization.

As soon as we left town the speeds improved and I was able to
start seeing the beauty in some of the graphical design. The world has
an old-school feel to it and it brought out my sense of adventure. It's
hard to define what it is about certain graphics that bring out your
desire to see the whole game world, but style="font-style: italic;">Craft of Gods has
it. I wanted to explore. The map was quite large, and I imagine it
would take any player a considerable amount of time to see it all.
Unfortunately the poor character and monster animations were enough to
make me want to live in a secluded cabin in the mountains so I would
never have to encounter another being to see them gliding across grass
and rock as if they were on ice.

Our tour guides then told us about the Charming system of the game.
Virtually every animal in the game can be charmed and used as a mount.
No one can argue that this is a very cool feature. I tried it out
plenty of times, and in our short one hour tour had rode a cow, a
leopard, a bat and a horse. Again, some of the mounts animations
suffered. Jumping while on the cow, for instance, treated me to a
wonderful animation of simple bovine levitation. The cow's legs didn't
move. It simply raised itself into the air briefly, and fell back down
statically. Now, to be fair, most cows I've rode in life
haven't been able to jump at all, so perhaps we can attribute this to
suspension of disbelief.

Next we went to one of the high level, most dangerous parts of the
world where we encountered a demon. Keeping par for the course, the
environment itself was inspired. Even the actual model of the demon was
pretty impressive. But when it started gliding and twitching over to me
like an epileptic bear on a caffeine overdose, some of the magic was
lost. Our group engaged in combat, and I couldn't tell who was doing
what to whom. I clicked my hotkeys, which had been preset for me. I
knew what the descriptions of the abilities said. But I couldn't really
tell if my character was performing them or not. Sometimes there would
be a mild animation, sometimes not. There was no visual stimulus in the
combat itself, which in a fantasy MMORPG is a problem. It was as
awkward and confusing as anything else in the game that involved

Cyberdemon claims they are going for the old-school type of MMOG. They
want social interaction to be important and for the world to feel big
and unexplored. Well, I believe they have succeeded in a certain
respect. The game feels oldschool in the way that it could very well be
using code and animations from the 80s. I'm sure the world
will be left largely unexplored as I can't possibly see how more than a
handful of die-hards will be playing the game much past launch. It's a
pity too. The environments really are impressive, but that's just not
enough to keep gamers paying a monthly fee.

Have you tried Craft of
during Open Beta? Let us know your thoughts of the
game on the forums.

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