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The Pulse

First, you vote with what you view at Ten Ton Hammer, and the result is the Ten Ton Pulse. WoW takes back top spot from WAR as the two top MMOGs continue their daily battle, and Star Wars: The Old Republic climbs to the number 3 spot for the first time.

  1. Warhammer Online- 200 BPM
  2. World of Warcraft - 160 BPM
  3. Star Wars: The Old Republic - 148 BPM
  4. Age of Conan - 48 BPM
  5. Lord of the Rings Online - 17 BPM
  6. Tabula Rasa - 15 BPM
  7. Stargate Worlds - 11 BPM
  8. EverQuest 2 - 11 BPM
  9. EVE Online - 11 BPM
  10. Dungeons & Dragons Online - 10 BPM

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Daily Column

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First up, apparently virtual killing can lead to real-world prosecution after all. A middle-aged Japanese woman has been arrested and extradited after hacking MapleStory to have some permadeath revenge on a man whose character recently divorced her virtual character. Maybe even more surprising than the fact that virtual actions can make you liable to real world prosecution (not a good thing at all, unless you relish the thought of stricter governmental oversight and regulation of games) is that the story made the AP wire (thanks Karen!) in the bumbling way that mass media reports this stuff.

Now if I can just prove the Japanese-ness of the 0.4 warpcore stabilizing griefer (video, oldie but a goodie) in EVE last night, I'll get my real-world revenge as well.

Speaking of EVE, if you're a fan of the game, the latest dev blog details the biggest (literally biggest) news of the winter Quantum Rise expansion, the Orca, a "sub capital" mining logistics ship. I'm for anything that makes mining faster, but unfortunately this one will cost you billions of ISK and around 7 months of skills to build and pilot. Asked about their inspiration for the name, the Icelandic developers alternatively pointed to the North Atlantic and their beached, moaning local economy. Then they popped a cough drop and shrugged.

If you find that the MMOG you're playing has turned into a giant whale, how about a cash refund? That's what the US Atlantica Online publisher is proposing, as reported by Ten Ton Hammer's Morvelaira. If you hit the level cap and don't care to continue, they'll buy your character for $20. Since AO is free to play, this either means that the experience requirements are so steep at level 49 that you'll never make it to 50, or that they're absolutely sure you'll love the game after playing it for 50 levels.

Before I sign off and wish you a nice weekend, I should mention that Cody Bye has a spate (yes, a spate) of Star Wars: The Old Republic exclusive interviews for your perusal. BioWare isn't sharing much, but Cody pried some design and writing details out of them in his trip to California earlier this week.

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Ten Ton Hammer Epic Thread of the Day

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sometimes they're cool. Whatever this one happens to be, it's
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From our /OOC (Off Topic) Forum

Best/Worst Thing You Can Say to a Healer...

the best thing you can say to a healer? Solisto2 says it's a simple,
"Thank you." Besides the obvious--"Heal Plz!"--what are some of the
worst things you can say to a healer?  Join in the chatter on this
epic thread in our Warhammer Online forum.

Awesome Quote from the Epic Thread:

"Worst- Anything negative towards him, his family, his abilities, or his hamster.

Best- Anything positive towards him, his family, his abilities, and his dog. (screw the hamster)
- MythagoWoods

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