Whether you loathe voicechat or live by it, Loading... features a game that's taking a new, more foundational approach to integrating vc into their game. Realtime Worlds came out of media blackout to talk about their plans for Vivox voicechat in the visually arresting (pun intended) cops-and-robbers themed MMORPG All Points Bulletin (APB). Read on for how Vivox features like positional audio may make getting run over by a car a fun experience!

We also have an exclusive state of the game interview with Jumpgate Evolution's Hermann Peterscheck, a paired opinion piece on what JGE needs to do to survive and thrive, a brand new EVE Online FAQ, WoW reputation guides, and a new ability list for WAR's new Slayer class. That and much more in today's Loading... Voicechat Viability.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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