Back when my balls hadn’t dropped and facial hair was a distant dream, massively multiplayer games seemed a quiet affair. People played, they had fun and took part in whatever the developers provided them with. Fast forward many years and most massively multiplayer gamers are Moaning Myrtles that have an entitlement problem.

Having taken part in many of the AAA launches over recent years (Aion, Warhammer Online, Guild Wars 2 and WildStar) they all open to a fanfare with a community that’s happy and smiley. Within a month the players are miserable and mumping and moaning about everything.

“My class is crap compared to that one!”

“This skill is rubbish! Why isn’t it fixed?”

“Why haven’t you fixed this bug!?”

“Where is my update!?”

It’s the same nonsense constantly and I’m beginning to grow very tired of it. The problem is, I’m a miserable sod most of the time. I’m pessimistic and regularly criticise. If you as a reader have stuck with any of my columns, the running theme is that I moan. A lot. Partly the reason why I moan a lot is the fact that I love the genre and the games I’m playing. I’m passionate about wanting whichever game is currently holding my attention to be the best it can be and I point out the flaws because I want them to be fixed or improved. Being vocal about X, Y or Z problem doesn’t dictate that I dislike a product and I think it’s important for my colleagues and I to point out flaws instead of sugar coating everything. What I can’t stand are hollow complaints born of nothing more than being an anonymous idiot who’s incapable of both patience and pleasantries. Paying a subscription fee does not dictate that you’re entitled to everything you want now, no more than paying taxes gives you a say in Government.

I’m not in any way suggesting those who’ve purchased a massively multiplayer game and pay a subscription shouldn’t have their say but when that opinion is toxic or without foundation, it should rightly be ignored. We all want things from the games we play and lord the list of improvements I have for WildStar would likely take the developers years, but I don’t spit venom at all opportunities.

Take the recent Sabotage patch that landed on the WildStar servers yesterday. One of the Spellslinger skills, Wild Barrage, was bugged and instead of simply firing forwards it was firing at 360 degree angles and through walls. Now that’s a fairly game breaking bug but one which was actually very funny. Carbine fixed it within a couple of hours but during that period and being sat in the capital city, you’d think that Carbine had not only intentionally done it but had also murder the first born child of many players. Who honestly gives a shit: it’s just a skill.

As anyone rightly knows, coding isn’t an exact science and when you change one thing various things might break in the process. What unfortunate bugs such as this don’t mean is that you instantly have the right to scream, shout and spout verbal diarrhea across the airwaves. Why is it that rationality just goes out the window?

The problem I’m finding is that my ignore lists don’t have the capacity to accommodate such public douchebaggery while on forums and sub-Reddits I’ve no ability to send a digital fist down the computer line and into someones living room. To explain internet logic is beyond me and I appreciate there’s an irony in this column about me moaning about people moaning, but in all honesty though, I’ve just got to get it off my chest.

As to what has changed in the genre over the years, it’s probably just the fact that the number of people playing the genre has increased. Games such as Ultima Online or EverQuest were niche and almost a closet hobby. Now we have multi-million dollar marketing campaigns attracting idiots in their droves. Provide these idiots with anonymity and a greater amount of outlets to spew bile and it’s a recipe for disaster.

All I want is for massively multiplayer gamers to gain some perspective, take a step back and just enjoy the product being played. If they don’t, they should stop playing. Instead of me continuing to rant, here’s a collection of my favourite WildStar forum posts from a bunch of idiots. I rest my case.


Title: You Broke All Three Of My Classes


Content: I need a damn good reason as to why I should keep playing.


Title: Looking For Job As Esper Class Lead


Content: Since the person currently holding the position doesn't have an esper they've leveled from 1-50 and is currently focusing his attention on stalker, I'd like to offer my services. I'd list my credentials but apparently just by having a level 50 esper I'm already over qualified.


Let me know, I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Title: 40K CHARGED SHOT WTF!?!?!






Content: Games broken it feels like im on the PTR this game will surely die at this rate. Making huge mistakes carbine. Cant get an arena game after 4 hours in 2s. TWOS....


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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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Lewis currently splits his time between Heroes of the Storm, Battlerite, and Artifact, having covered MOBAs, MMOs and TCG for many years.


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