It isn't just this column that is heralding the coming of the age of
the free-to-plays it seems, this years GDC in San Francisco was heavily
slanted toward subscriptionless gaming. With so many high production
value games on the launching pad for 2010 it won't be long before the
stigma surrounding microtransaction based gaming is gone completely.
Join us this week as we recap some of the highlights of GDC 2010.


While Asian markets have completely accepted this business model and
actually revel in it, we here in the west still have the misconception
that the games are of poor quality and the payment method is more scam
than potential savings. While several recently released titles have
already begun to remove the stigma that has been placed on
free-to-plays, the vast majority of games that we previewed at GDC
proved that those games aren’t an anomaly but just the first in a
growing trend of great games that don’t require a subscription to play.
Read up on some of the highlights in this weeks feature .

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016