How to properly monetize a subscriptionless game truly is the million
dollar question these days. The majority of free-to-play titles survive
on cash shop sales alone, but many of those that started life as AAA
incorporate both microtransactions and monthly fees. Is this model a
way to give greater flexibility to the consumer or a means to gouge
them in disguise? Join Jason “Medawky” Bolton as he hops up onto his
soapbox in this week’s href=""
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EQ2X has four different levels of membership available: Basic, Silver,
Gold or Platinum. Each level ramps up the available content, with Basic
being limited to only the most rudimentary aspects of the game. I chose
to go for the Gold via the Station Pass option, because I have
characters on nearly every game that SOE offers in the package and I
enjoy firing them up from time to time. Now I am certainly guilty of
not reading the fine print, but when I discovered the main difference
between the final two membership levels, gold and platinum, I was not a
happy camper.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016