While Microcosms is the weekly column dedicated to all things
free-to-play, it is also equally focused on microtransactions and all
they entail. This week the gaming world saw one of its biggest names
unwittingly spark a huge debate with a seemingly minor addition to
their item shop. This uproar piqued the interest of our own Jason
“Medawky” Bolton and brought up two major questions: do players who are
paying a monthly fee have a legitimate gripe when they can only get an
item by paying more money? And secondly, will North American players
every fully embrace microtransactions? Join us this week as we explore
these queries.

While there were the expected responses of “zomg next
stop is pre made level 80s for sale,” something surprising happened
during this internal player debate – a large number of WoW players
defended the offering (and backed up their opinion with their wallets).
Can this signify a greater acceptance of the cash shop model by North
American gamers? Or is it an anomaly spurred on by the rabid WoW
fanbase? As much as I would like to think it is the former, and with
the latter being too obvious, I think the true answer lies somewhere in
the middle.

target="_blank">Who will win the battle?

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016