A couple weeks back we asked if it was possible for an MMOG to get a
second change to make a first impression, and judging from our forum
responses the verdict was split 50/50. In an effort to gain better
perspective and give a more educated opinion on the future of Alganon,
Ten Ton Hammer’s Jason “Medawky” Bolton sat down with the game’s Lead
Customer Service GM (among numerous other titles), Steven Kasparek, for
an exclusive one-on-one play session and tour of the new client. Join
us as we put the game through its paces in this exclusive early look.

In a highly public and highly controversial set of
maneuvers, the original head of Alganon’s development team, David Allen, was removed and
newly appointed company president Derek Smart set about to fix the
game’s issues. The revamped team halted all new content plans and additions
and focused their attention on bug fixes, a UI overhaul and stabilizing
the games network code. It may be easy to talk about changes, and to
offer a vague re-launch timeframe, but the team at Alganon put their
money where their mouth is, so to speak, and created a test realm with
most of the new features to give us a look at how the proposed changes
have improved the game.

target="_blank">Will gamers give it another chance?

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016