I'm astonished by how many of you came to the aid of the children, donating gold, badger pelts and rat tails to the Orgrimmar Children's Fund. Well done! The virtual children are learning the same lesson we are teaching our real younglings, 'If you lay around all day doing nothing, the state will support you.'

Trinity University has taken it upon themselves, or rather upon their undergrads to write up papers that will enlighten us about MMOGs. Credibility went the way of the dodo when this diaspora of writers titled their little jaunt into our favourite hobby, 'Games for the Web'. I love playing WoW and EQ2 on the web, but City of Heroes is even better. Firefox is a dandy game interface. If you have an error in the four word title of the project it doesn't bode well for the 15 research papers you are delivering.

"These students used a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods to explore sociological issues associated with massively multiplayer virtual worlds. Each student in the class pursued a different research question."

I'm excited that institutions of higher learning are taking MMOGs seriously, but aye carumba! Loosely translated into gamer-speak, "The students played games and formed conclusions about them."

"Time was too short to pursue in-depth ethnographic research, and sample sizes were too small to extrapolate with confidence to the broader gaming community."

But, please take those conclusions with a grain of salt, because we didn't spend enough time on it. Now off to the pub crawl you intellectual types. If you want to really know what MMOGs are like then all of the men have to dress up like women before they go to the pub crawl. That's how we do it in the virtual world.

Cheers to Trinity University for attempting this. Attempt it again. Take longer. Take it seriously. Don't put an EQ2 avatar on a Second Life paper. Note that these games are not played on the "Web". At least half of the males must play a female character and cyber with other males. Don't fill your blogs with comments about how you lost your cell phone.

And now the weather...

It's raining in the Karanas. It will be dark in Nektulos Forest and Tirisfal Glades with continued dark in the long-range forcast. Orgrimmar will have sunny periods broken by other sunny periods. It's hot in the Desert of Flames with scattered sand storms.

Research this. Discuss!

Make your mark. Mark your territory. Post a comment. If you are shy you can E-Mail me.
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Vin Diesel Fact of the Day - Vin Diesel uses Tabasco Sauce eye-drops.
Now on to the real world. You can't make this stuff up.

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