PCGamer published an editorial about the game Mountain and the chasm between gamers and media, where the media was praising the game as profound while gamers consider it garbage because it’s a non-game. It’s gotten me thinking a bit about non-games. It then touched on something I find really interesting, how games media at large uses very lazy buzz words to describe things to avoid describing them. Since non-games are the best, let me give this non-game a try and see how I would describe it, because I too want to be like every other gaming journalist out there and hop on every possible bandwagon like a lemming.

Alright, so first in this glorious review of this game is the fact that I do not have a Steam icon on my start menu. If Windows 8 even has a start menu, what is up with that folks. My Steam install is older than I am, I just keep using it and using it, it’s an entire hard drive of games I don’t play.

Let me get comfortable here, it’s loading, I can feel the excitement come. I was saving up my steam credit money to buy that one game that’s really cute but really hard but I forgot the name of it, but Pewdiepie played it and since I’m such a huge fan I obviously want to play everything he plays as I am a lemming.

Sweet, new steam icon, that’s great. It’s all round, like an app, cool I guess. Well it crashed, great, thanks Gabe OH THERE IT IS THERE IT IS OH BOY. To prove this is written right now, before this is even posted, Borderlands 2 is on sale, how ‘bout that. Alright, I’m at the purchase page, let me take a snapshot here:

There you have it, PCGamer successfully brought about a sale of Mountain. Gabe, here is your $.99, Macklemore is proud of ya.

Alright, let’s get it installed and I’m going to play some. Here is a video of my walkthrough.

So yeah, hopefully you watched the video before continuing, in which case you heard me mouth breathing about a game, because I am an artist and that, THAT IS ART OKAY. I somehow had to try to make 20 takes of me rambling about a mountain game and the best one was me breathing heavier than I think I have in my entire life.

I think the most profound part is that, talking about Mountain game is more fun than the Mountain game. Maybe that’s the secret draw. I don’t know. Anyway - point of the matter is, gamers and games media should hug and be together on some opinions some of the time.

I personally am a gamer and I promise you I will always give you my gamer opinion, like why we should get rid of mana. That’s it, that’s my opinion, and I close on that. See ya tomorrow.

Oh, well, one last question if ya like video respawn, how often do you want to see it? Starting from every day to the heat death of the universe. Leave a comment below.

If you want to see the article on PCGamer, here is a link.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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