The World Cup heats up today with some countries playing their final games of the tournament and others jockeying for first place in their groups. England has their hands full in a tilt with Sweden, a country they have not beaten in the last 11 matches while Germany takes on a side from Ecuador that has to this point demolished their opposition. It's getting good now!

By the numbers:

2,968 - The number of uploads to the WoW Quest Database.
2,105 - The number of quests in the WoW Quest Database.
1,744 - The number of subscribers to the Loading... mailing list.
216 - The number of new subscribers to the Loading... mailing list this month.
14 - The number of MMOG news stories covered yesterday alone.
9 - The number of exclusive MMOG articles posted to yesterday alone.
1 - Stanley Cup, which now lives in Carolina. Congratulations Hurricanes.

Next up in the World of Warcraft Database are NPCs, followed by Items. It's coming together faster than expected folks, thanks to your involvement. If someone had told me we would have nearly 3,000 uploads from members to the database already I wouldn't have believed it. Thanks to everyone who is contributing with special thanks to those who have their names in the Top 10 list.

I was asked my opinion on a recent Raph Koster article, titled 'The Lifecycles of a Player'. Raph touches on a few different theories, none of which should be new to anyone who has been a part of the industry for a significant time. I agree with just about everything Raph mentions.

The theory that touches most true for me from the ones mentioned is 'The Six Circles Of The Adept Game Player'. How many of you have moved from newbie up through the circles until you felt there were no longer any challenges? I'm sure a few of you have even reached the Zen stage where you no longer care how others play the game, because you are so in sync with your own style that it comes naturally without thinking about what you have to do. Check out the article. It is a good read.

What are your opinions on the lifecycle of a player? Discuss!

Make your mark. Mark your territory. Post a comment. If you are shy you can E-Mail me.

Every good guild needs a home. A home free of gold ads, secondary market farmers. Look no further than

Exclusive new Content!
Let us entertain you or at the very least waste some of your time at work.06.20.2006
  • Auto Assault: The Hype Machine - Helped Or Hurt
    "Hype can potentially go either way. It can build up the anticipation, and when the delivery follows through on what was promised- success! The trouble comes into play when hype is exagerrated to the point of where expectations rise way higher than what the final product can deliver. Backlash from the resulting negative opinion can spread and destroy what chances might have been possible. Did this happen with Auto Assault? "
  • Dungeons and Dragons Online: Killer Build - Dwarvish Bulwark
    "Darkgolem kicks off "Killer" Build week at DDO @ Ten Ton Hammer with his Dwarvish Bulwark. Part backstabbing rogue, part resistant paladin, part versatile fighter--the Bulwark survives the frenzied initial blast of combat to get to foes and strike them dead."
  • EverQuest 2: Guide To Lavastorm
    "Lavastorm is a fiery dangerous place that no being should travel to unaided. So grab some friends, and this guide (complete with map!) and re-visit an old favorite, or wander through to get those pesky heritage quests done, as Savanja holds your hand through the entire zone!"
  • World of Warcraft - Guide to Alterac Valley (Battlegrounds)
    "We have a brand new guide out today detailing the battleground, Alterac Valley. Ever wondered how this battleground worked but found few details? Well wonder no more! Our guide goes over, in detail, all of the aspects of Alterac Valley and various strategies and tactics to help you save the day for your team!"

Vin Diesel Fact of the Day - On Neil Armstrong's second step on the moon, he found a note that said, "Vin Diesel was here."
Now on to the real world. You can't make this stuff up.

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