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I was walking through Best Buy the other day, making my routine stop in the video game section, when I had an epiphany. Before we get going, to the lady who kept eyeballing me picking up games? I'm NOT too old to buy video games, so do some demographic research before you condemn me. Ok? You can start with the M rated game you were buying for your 11 year old kid. If I see you on the news, because he's carjacking people, and Jack Thompson actually shows up here? I'll...I'll burn the place down. *twitch*


As I was saying, I made my way past the console games over to the PC games. Now, it occurred to me how much smaller the PC game section has become over the last few years. It used to take up as much space as the console games, but now it has like two rows over next to the frelling cordless phones. Unfortunately none of them were hooked up, so I couldn't call the front of the store and ask them why they have no PC games. Has the PC market become that vulnerable to consoles? What is going to happen to my MMO's...my...my precious. *hiss*

On the PC side, nothing is cracking WoW's stranglehold. People flock to it like they are giving away crack pipes, I just don't understand. Do I blame Blizzard for the demise of the PC market? You betcha! Why? Because I can…duh.

What will happen to MMOs if PC games become less profitable? We all know how difficult it is to translate a good PC MMO to a console system. It's much easier to use a mouse to click your ability, than use the right trigger, center stick, and the X button. Why would they consider it then? The console market is getting towards the enormous side, and there is money in it, and these are businesses you know. One thing I think console MMO developers are missing though, which should sway them towards the PC MMO market.

PC's are better. So there.

My PC can do a number of things no console is capable of. For instance, my PC's customized UIs are all glowy, flashy, and more importantly have maps. I'm a man. A proper map is a necessity; Otherwise we have to suck it up, NOT ask directions, and stay perpetually lost.

Instant Messaging and Email are something else consoles haven't really developed. Yes I know you can use their rigid IM system, and in many cases actual voice chat. That's great for frag fests and ridiculing 13 year old boys, but you know what? I have Ventrillo (voice chat software) and a phone. Until the consoles have a way to integrate email and IM's (which coincidentally would require them to develop a web browser) it'll never be enough. A true console will have a way to make Coyote use IM's. How else is he going to put his Wizard hat on?

I've heard many people say consoles are much cheaper than PC's. They are absolutely right, of course! Ignore that $1,000 High Definition Television you need so you can run it in 1080i for proper enjoyment. Why should I only pay $30 - $50 for a game that has better graphics on a PC, when I can pay $60 for an Xbox360 game? Oh and let's not forget the "optional" hardware on consoles like "the ability to save more than 10 games" or "a crappy plug in device so DVD movies will play."

Stop giving in to consoles! They bring forth the apocalypse! Cling to your MMO's as long as you can! Finally, whatever you do, make sure you DON'T eyeball me in Best Buy, I'm already annoyed with their PC game selection.

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