The Austin Game Conference is rolling along and our own Nicole Hamlett is there taking in the sights. Keep checking back for any interesting tidbits that Nicole throws our way.

Apparently the MMOG Rant session was a hoot yesterday. NCSoft designer, Scott Jennings was first up and took on MMOG companies abilities to deliver patches and game content.

"WOW just had a patch a few weeks ago. As usual, their patch distribution completely failed. That may be because their patch distribution system is best described as 'Let's make something so frustrating people will just host the damn patches for us.' It's unacceptable. It amazes me that WOW's peer-to-peer distribution has become accepted practice. Why are you people putting up with it? Part of our core business as an MMO provider is providing the damn MMO."

If you read this column regularly you know how I feel about the WoW patching system. Why not ram an Elephant down a straw? Jennings is absolutely right that others host the patches just to give players a quick and efficient option. You can find the WoW patches on our WoW Community site.

EverQuest 2 does a good job at delivering both patches and new content. The downtime is usually small and the files are sent readily to your machine. Everyone realizes that World of Warcraft is a giant next to EQ2, but so be it. The patches should still be delivered in an efficient manner. Making the community sites hold the patches is ridiculous and why isn't the expansion going to be available by digital download?

How do you feel about the patching process in the game you play? Is it a thing of beauty or a brick on an ant's back?

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