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"It’s gotten to the point now where I surf the fan sites everyday and download cool things the fans have created, which is really ironic in a way!” – Will Wright

Everyone can use a feel good moment to start the day. Let’s go with this…


I have shared a brief glimpse into the abyss that is my thoughts on guilds, guild structure and how developers (specifically Blizzard) may have strayed from the best path in previous columns. Thanks to the dozens of gamers who sent me feedback. It is all appreciated, but I can’t reply to everyone. There are just too many. Know that I appreciate your time to first read this column and secondly to write me with your opinions, kudos or GPS directions to the nearest psychiatrist.

If you haven’t watched the Patch 4.2 trailer yet then I suggest you take three minutes and do so.


I posted the patch notes to this “mini-expansion” in my last column. Are you looking forward to Firelands or have you already moved on to another game? If you have moved on, is Firelands enough to bring you back?

In other news, a title that I have been waiting for, fingers crossed that it is actually given the time and attention that it deserves, Warhammer 40,000: Dark Milennium Online, looks like it may see the light of day after all. THQ has stated that WH40K: DMO will be the focus of their E3 2012 show. The game that was the reason you have the Starcraft universe is going to come into its own.

Last, but not least today… EVE is going to allow third-party developers to charge for their apps, websites and services. I’m not even sure where to start here as the discussion is far too long for one column, but let’s just say I’m for this with some caveats.

Share your thoughts on something from the column today or just in general. You’re cool and we’d like to hear from you!

Latest MMOG Features

Star Trek: Infinite Space Screens Reveal the "Steamrunner"

Gameforge beamed over an exclusive: their newest spacecraft. Star Trek meets Stirling engine? Not quite! Follow the link for details.

DC Universe Online Update 4 Preview

Though Update 3 launched just last week, Update 4 is just around the corner, complete with new Superman-centric missions and the Fortress of Solitude. Get the scoop at Ten Ton Hammer!

Building an Archon in EVE Online

Nothing says industrious like building your own capital ship! Ten Ton Hammer's SpaceJunkie offers a step-by-step guide to building your own Archon carrier in EVE Online.
Latest MMOG News

Warhammer 40k Online to be Playable at E3 2012

Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium Online was once again not playable at E3 this year, but THQ Core Game Boss Danny Bilson promises that this will change next year.

Mythic Launches New Dark Age of Camelot Website

With the game's 10th anniversary this year, DAoC's web presence gets a sleek new look. No word on flying Lurikeen banshee mounts, though.

18,000 Accounts Compromised in BioWare Breach

BioWare has joined the not-so-illustrious club of the recently violated after a hacker gained access to a decade-old community server system on June 14th. Details follow.

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NEW: PlayerScore Update 4.8.01 Released

Ten Ton Hammer has released a new version of PlayerScore, the must-have scoring addon for WoW Players. Most changes are to increase compatibility with WoW v4.2, and to fix a chain of recent bugs people have been reporting:

  • The addon has been modified to allow for simultaneous functioning on both WoW 4.1 (Live) and WoW 4.2 (PTR).
  • PvP GearScore's tooltip replaced the old out-dated PVE score's tooltip.
  • Fixed a bug where fury warrior's Equipped Average Item Level was always reporting 0
  • Updated the Raiding Difficult to include Firelands raids.
  • And much more!

Be among the first to download the update at playerscore.com.

Real World News

From the Urine-Trouble-Dept. -- 

Professor Urinates in Public

From the Bubblegum-For-Bad-Reviews-Dept. –

Duke Nukem PR Threatens to Punish Bad Reviews

From the Whales-With-Lasers-On-Their-Heads-Dept.  –

Radioactive Whales Found Off Japan

Bruce Campbell Fact of the Day

Bruce Campbell stole Voldemort’s nose.


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