Welcome back to the 78th edition of Reloading...!

Welcome back!  

This is my 79th try at this column.  Maybe today I’ll get it right.

I’m John Hoskin and I won’t wipe the group.  Saddle up!

“Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age 18.” – Albert Einstein

Everyone can use a feel good moment to start the day.   Let’s go with this…

Thanks for taking some time out of your day to read this column.  I truly appreciate it.    If you happen to use Twitter, you can follow me @BoomjackTTH.   I rarely use Facebook, but I do occasionally post gaming related tidbits on Google+ where you can find me under my real moniker John Hoskin.  

After reading a week’s worth of informative content, complete with proper grammar and even, gasp, punctuation, you may not be ready to have me back.   Let’s give it a go anyway shall we?

I had this idea about six months ago to put together a “Pile of Crap” and give it away to TenTonHammer.com readers.   It wouldn’t really be crap of course, we’re not chimpanzees hurling our defecates into the wild, but it would be some rare and perhaps even humorous swag that TenTonHammer readers would find interesting.   

Gentle readers, my dream has become a reality thanks to our hard working staff and the new and improved “crap detector”.    Karen refers to it as a steaming pile of swag and it includes, End of Nations Urban Hats, League of Legends t-shirts, Prime Online foxtails and a TERA 2GB flash drive.  

I mentioned a few columns back that I hadn’t played Space Marine yet.   Jeff posted his review of  Space Marine and once again I am tempted to buy it.    Must resist.

Those of you who PvP in World of Warcraft, and who doesn’t besides me, should find Byron’s Item Transmogrification and PvP article very interesting.   Will it affect you?  It won’t affect the care-bear PVE types like me!!!!

From the it’s funny in a strange kind of way, Morgan Webb of G4TV delivers the review that most gaming media types are afraid to utter in her Bodycount review.   Worth the 2:56 to watch.

If I haven’t rambled through this column enough already I need the 11,000+ people who read this little ditty in email to do one thing… break our database.     You know you want to and I know that I want you to, so get on with it.  

  1. Click on our PlayerScore Database link.
  2. Search, click, rant, rave, break, smash, crash.
  3. Post to the forums or send me each and every bug or suggestion that you have.  

Part of this exercise is obvious; get our alpha DB up and in a state that you the player are happy with it.    The second part, the part that is purely for the readers of this email is to prove that you have power.   The more of you that participate in each “quest” that I throw out the more likely it is that publishers will be willing to throw swag, goodies and other goobledy-gook our way.     Don’t be shy to really let our developers have it.   They can take it and if they can’t then I’ll send them a Fedex package full of Kleenex to taunt them.  You have no idea how much fun that would be.  Imagine if you will one of our devs running out excited to sign for his Fedex package, rushing into the office, tearing it open and finding a letter from the Reloading… readers with a box of Kleenex.     Make it happen!

That’s it for today.  Thanks again for reading and as always, may your dreams be big and your worries be small.

As always, you can contact me a number of ways:

  • Email
  • Twitter
  • Website
  • Telepathy (Just make sure it’s during business hours.  I hate to be woken by this stuff)
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