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“A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.” -- Plato

Everyone can use a feel good moment to start the day.   Let’s go with this… [Thanks Karen]

30 or so World of Warcraft guilds have taken down 25-man Heroic Baleroc.  For those of you who haven’t, here is the world first kill video by Method.

After all of the work to maximize the stats on gear, in the end it comes down to which group can execute their plan and use their knowledge the best that gets the first world kill. 

Byron posted his second edition of Gear Eye for the WoW Guy, putting numbers to work on a suspiciously familiar goblin hunter.   Amazingly, that hunter, which I know very well does more damage per second in nearly every instance than the other dps in his party.  Once again, it must be skill and not the numbers (since he obviously has no handle on them) that is allowing him to do so well.   If you would like Byron to fix your toon, then drop him a line at the link above.

If WoW isn’t your thing then perhaps news of fall expansions for EverQuest and EverQuest 2 will light your happy-fire.   Expected to release in November, Veil of Alaris will add 12 new zones to EQ, boost the level cap to 95 and add guild halls among other enhancements.     Age of Discovery will be the next expansion for EQ2 and will include NPC mercenaries for hire, player-created dungeons and yes…. the beastlord class. 

SOE also recently dropped the price of their All Access Pass from $29.99 per month to $19.99 per month.   More numbers to think about.  Perhaps it’s time I revisited EQ2?

EVE fans should be delighted to hear that Space Junkie has posted a six-page piece covering the recent CCP press conference about Micro-Transanctions and Incarna

Finally, a number that you can all be proud of.   When I resurrected this column from the ashes there were about 2,500 people on the mailing list.   30ish columns later we have over 8,000 people in our little community.   We are still 2,000 short of my 10k goal, but I’m confident that we will get there. 

I can’t always write what most of you would like to read and most times I probably write what few of you care to read, but from the bottom of my heart, Thank You for reading, whatever your reason.


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This is just one more advantage GearScore has over AIL. GearScore drops drastically when equipping PvP Gear, to emulate the drop in performance the equipment provides. In addition, we have a separate PvP GearScore value that allows you to see how your gear holds up in PvP play.

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