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Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe." – Albert Einstein

I know that it is inevitable that I get some flak for writing predominantly about World of Warcraft.   So, before I do so yet again today, here are a few nuggets for players of other games.

I could never find the sweet spot in EVE Online, but I appreciate that many people do.   Perhaps it is the heavy PvP component of the game that I just don’t mesh well with.  Whatever the case, I have great empathy for players who lose a ship that they have spent days acquiring to a bug or a player exploiting a bug.   The petition process is most games is cloaked in voodoo and black magic.  You just never know what is really going on behind the curtain.   Will the wizard of oz jump out or just some putz who tells you that they can’t help you and to move along, nothing to see here? Space Junkie clears that up with regards to EVE,  Five Frequently Asked Questions About Petitions in EVE.

It’s hard, if not impossible to keep up to the flood of new games hitting the market.  What better way than to actually try them out.   Compliments of our shiny things for you department here are some closed beta keys to Rusty Hearts.

Sometimes you just need to take some time for yourself, fight beasts, baddies and even amnesia.    Witcher 2, a single player RPG might be the answer.   Find out in our review of Witcher 2 – Swords, Sex and Sorcery.

The “What’s Popular on the Internet” bit that I wrote in the first Reloading… was so well received that I thought I’d revisit it.  

First up, with 750,000 views we have our man with three names, Ray William Johnson and Kicked by a Horse

Next, at 700,000 views Team Hotwheels

And not to be missed, Kids React to Nyan Cat.

Enough of that, what’s the dealio with WoW?


Coming Changes to World of Warcraft

In extra special, right from the back car of the train news…  the official Public Test Realm (PTR) notes now state that if you roll need on a Bind on Equip (BoE) item that it will become soulbound.    Though this doesn’t stop the griefers, it does stop the purely greedy who were rolling need only to sell the items on the Auction House. 

New Firelands loot will include, Murky’s Little Soulstone, which will summon a Murloc companion pet dressed as Diablo.

All races will now have a /roar sound.    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this.  The clamouring and carrying-on in the official forums has been neverending. 

Until we meet again,

John “Boomjack” Hoskin

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Early Access: Hearts of Iron TCG Closed Beta Giveaway

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But why wait for tomorrow? Premium Members, click here for your key and exclusive bonus card and start playing today!

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PlayerScore 4.8.00 Released

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That, plus several bug fixes and the groundwork for our upcoming database browser can be found in our latest build!

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From the Too-Dumb-To-Be-A-Mum-Dept.  -- 

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Man’s Dentures Block Bullet.

Bruce Campbell Fact of the Day

Bruce Campbell can not only walk on water, he can climb on fog. 

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