Ten years is a decent amount of time by anyone’s standards.
centenarians consider a decade to be a nice little chunk of their life.
So the fact that href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/taxonomy/term/38"
spanned a decade in its live time is quite the feat. And it has done so
with a desire to always stay competitive, if not by leading the pack
then by keeping its substantial player base satisfied.

But it’s not often the current trend that we remember most in
gaming memories; we linger upon those events early in our MMO careers
that laid the groundwork for all of our subsequent endeavors. In a
break away from our normal competitive routine, I’d like to
present to
you the most memorable moments of the Ten Ton Hammer staff. Please sit
back and wax nostalgic about some of your own favorite moments from
this ground-breaking game.

sat for hours, so many that they all blurred together with Phil
“Ralph” Comeau and two other gents from work
camping "The Preacher".
Our victim was on a 30 minute timer, but we could kill everything in
the room in about 20 seconds. That meant that we had to find other ways
to amuse ourselves. Our night consisted of listening to Phil's jokes
and watching our bard dance on "the stage" where the Preacher spawned.
It was one of the most memorable nights of EQ not because we actually
accomplished anything amazing, but because four friends sat around in
an office, drinking beer and enjoying the downtime in a MMOG. I still
believe that the downtime in EQ was one of the biggest reasons that
people played it as long as they did.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016