CCP successfully deployed the 12th free expansion to the Eve Online universe last week with the Dominion update. This week The Mittani examines the latest content and changes added with the expansion and what it brings to the game: a better newbie experience, engaging combat, useful new options, broken mechanics, and developer incompetence. While the expansion seems to have a few issues with bugged mechanics relating to the Sovereignty system, The Mittani notes that improvements to other features has helped make the game a lot more fun.

Before Dominion, joining a fleet involved picking out a fleet link in a channel. No fleet link, no easy way to join. If a fleet wasn't actively advertised, you wouldn't even know it existed. With the advent of the fleet finder, you can both join any open fleet yourself and see a consolidated listing of all available fleets. Already we see the impact of this in nullsec; rather than having one big fleet up at any given time, pilots are branching out into five or six small roaming gangs. More importantly, the fleet finder has brought something that has always been missing from EVE: the ability to log on and immediately find something to do at any hour with friends, rather than having to wait for scheduled groups.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016