When Dominion went live for EVE Online, a war soon erupted after launch over certain resources due to changes made by the development team. This week, The Mittani returns with Sins of a Solar Spymaster #35 to take a look at the cause of what he has dubs the "Chronotis' War" as alliances battle for control over Geminate, a former place of economic irrelevance, now containing a vital resource sought by many. Thanks to the changes, this small area is a now a highly contested hotspot desired for its resources and The Mittani examines the conflict and who he believes is responsible for igniting the new war.

We have had many things to thank CCP Chronotis for over the years. Nominally, he is the dev charged with a science and industry portfolio, meaning that he mostly deals with incredibly boring things like moon goo and invention. But there are the odd flashes of excitement; rumor has it that the code for jump bridges was implemented by him when the rest of the staff were apparently baffled, and the stealth bomber changes (warping while cloaked, nuking people with bombs) allegedly sprung from his mind. And now we have him to thank for turning Geminate, formerly a backwater holder of the 'second worst region in the game' title, into a hotly contested flashpoint between two nullsec powerblocs – and moon goo is to blame.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016