Dominion introduced a lot of new features and content to EVE Online and players would be having a great time if only things would stop breaking. This week, The Mittani returns to take a look at some of the bugs and flaws that have started to show in EVE Online and how it's affecting players and combat. The Mittani touches on some of the recent issues such as the one-sided lag battle of Y-2 and the glitched capture of a Y8R space station. Find out about this and more in this week’s Sins of a Solar Spymaster.

Things began to go wrong pretty quickly after the patch. The war in Geminate between Atlas and the Northern Coalition (leaving out the various hangers-on and ancillary forces) was grinding to a slow stalemate, with the NC successfully defending the Y8R station that had been reinforced once (in the new mechanics, you must siege and win twice to seize a station, so this outpost was only 'halfway' at risk), only to have the server crash and have a 20 minute rollback when it finally recovered. At that point the NC fleet had mostly logged off, the Atlas fleet was magically resurrected by the rollback, and Atlas successfully won the first battle for the station. Ok, great, the NC has to come back and win again in 2 days or else the station is lost for good - except that due to a glitch, the station was captured by Atlas on the first timer, skipping the second timer entirely. CCP apologizes, there is some hand-wringing, but the station remains in Atlas hands despite the open acknowledgment of grievous code error.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016