What is life without a little war and cosmic chaos? With past wars of legendary status marking the history of EVE Online, The Mittani notes that with recent events, the Third Great War may be upon us. This week, he talks about the latest happenings in the EVE Online universe as many wars are being fought around the galaxy. Goonswarm is just one group that finds its territory under siege from superior numbers. Facing down an enemy fleet outnumbering them by almost 2:1, Goonswarm is faced with their possible defeat and the loss of their territory. In an effort to defeat the attacking forces, Goonswarm pulls a risky tactic, including a dirty trick or two to try and win the battle and break the siege. Did it work? Find out in this week's Sins of a Solar Spymaster.

Two reinforcement ticks down, one on the iHub, one on the Outpost. There is no more room for error; even as the hostile numbers increase for each successive battle, the upcoming fights will be for keeps. The Swarm isn't nearly as dedicated to the game as its enemies, and everyone realizes that if the system falls now, it will be impossible to convince the mostly-American defenders to show up to a series of euro-prime contests. If either the iHub or the Outpost are lost, odds are they are lost permanently.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016