After the recent implosion of GoonSwarm, members quickly reformed a spiritual successor to the alliance known as SOLODRAKBANSOLODRAKBANSO (LODRA) and The Mittani found himself aiding in the reconstruction of this new alliance and noting many changes based around the Sovereign system. Have the old ways of past alliances and the Great Power model that helped fuel many historical conflicts finally come to an end under EVE Online's new Sovereign system? Join The Mittani as he explores how the new systems implemented with Dominion have changed the game and not in a good way.

With Dominion, conquest for its own sake has been abandoned for a game of galactic bean-counting; alliances making war for the sake of war are hamstrung by escalating sov fees. In the past, a Great Power could seize a territory of little military consequence and adjust the amount of towers and defenses put into it. A station system could be held by a token tower, but should there be a military attack, the systems defenses could be bolstered on the fly - raising the cost to hold it, but also with the ability to scale down after the threat had passed. After Dominion, an alliance attempting to seize a neighbor's territory had best hope that their enemy doesn't collapse or implode (a la Goonswarm) lest the sudden influx of new sov fees bankrupt the aggressor completely.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016