EVE Online has one of the most detailed economy operations of any MMOG and making isk, the game's currency, can be a tricky thing at times. Some players choose to measure their earnings using the isk/hr scale, but The Mittani believes this a sorely ineffective method and has a few tips for EVE players on how to earn their isk with minimal effort in this week's Sins of a Solar Spymaster #43 - Rethinking Profit in EVE.

EVE is a game based upon an idealized capitalistic economy, a place where every market participant is immortal and cannot starve, where goods always work as advertised and there is no regulation whatsoever - a post-scarcity dystopia. For the vast majority of EVE players, confining themselves to the illusory safety of Empire space, the game is like a gigantic market simulation, and the goal is not to destroy your enemies, but merely to get rich. There's nothing wrong with that goal, per se, but every time I visit Empire space I'm struck by the sheer foolishness of the methods used by 80% of the playerbase to make money.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016