Tonight on Ten Ton Hammer Live! the forces of evil attempted to stop us from broadcasting to the world (and for a time did). Turns out talking to some of our guests made someone very angry and they decided to "express themselves"... but that's ok...because here is the podcast!

Jesse is joined by Project 1999's Nilbog and Rogean as well as OMFGs Leto,'s Ben de la Durantaye, and the lovely Danielle from YouTube's Trade Chat.

You want discussion on Korea banning overnight MMO play? YOUGOTIT!

You want discussion about WoW selling mounts? YOUGOTIT!

You want to learn more about FREE EverQuest through Project 1999?!?! YOUGOTIT!

You want to hear a moron eat a KFC Double Down live on air? YOUGOTTHATTOO!!!!!!

So tune in to the best episode yet of Ten Ton Hammer Live!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016