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Original Media for Gamers and Ten Ton Hammer proudly
present "Ten Ton Hammer Live!" This partnership brings the best in
industry interviews with the culmination of years of hard work and
dedication - thrown right out the window. Every Saturday at 7pm Eastern
Time (USA), your extremely attractive, talented, and humble host Jesse
Cox, brings another big name industry player on the show. So sit back,
relax, and get ready to laugh. And if not...hey, it's free.
Airs every Saturday at 7pm Eastern (4pm Pacific, 2300
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Air date: May 1, 2010

Episode length: 01:55:40

Episode Transcripts:

Wars, Guild Wars 2 

style="font-style: italic;">City of Heroes

In this episode of Ten Ton Hammer Live! we are jam packed with guests!
Jesse, Ben, and Davlen are joined by style="font-style: italic;">Guild Wars Live
Lead Designer Linsey Murdock, Guild
Wars 2
Lead Designer Eric Flannum, and Chris Lye "The
Marketing Guy."

But that's not all! Then City
of Heroes
Lead Master of Everything Melissa Bianco is
coming on the show to talk about  style="font-style: italic;">Going Rogue AND to
stick around for another exciting edition of "Master Looter."

Also, the boys talk about the WoW movie, the free-to-play game style="font-style: italic;">Vindictus, and a
taste test of the 3 new Mt. Dews!

Only in this episode of Ten Ton Hammer Live!

Bumper Music in order of play:

"We Interrupt This Programme" (Jean Claude Ades Remix), G.L.O.V.E.S -
"PYX", Pet Lions - "Roman History", Chromeo - "Night by Night", The
Morning Pages - "Telephone (Lady Gaga Cover)", Delorean - "Deli",
"Master Looter Theme Song", General Eletrik - "Take Back the Internet",
Mega Man 3 - "Blue Lightning Remix"

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