This week on Ten Ton Hammer Live the boys are joined by EverQuest's Producer, Thom Terrazas, to talk about the game that keeps on giving. After 11 years, how does a game still continue to have such a strong player base? Is it voodoo? Is it a pact with Innoruuk? Or is it something else entirely?

Also on the show, news reaches us that LotRO is going free-to-play! Even Mr. Frodo will like this news!

Then we discuss other stories of the week, including the game that will make all other games suck - "The Mummy". Yep.... calling it now.

Oh and did we mention Gamer Food returns?!?!

Finally Ben and Davlen once again venture into the thunderdome of questions for Master Looter! We're gonna quizshow like it's 1999!

Listen to Ten Ton Hammer Live Episode 10 with EverQuest's Thom Terrazas.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016